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Is your company on the path to wellness?

A healthy workplace is one where individuals feel valued and supported, provides a positive workspace, and shows respect for other aspects of a person’s life. If you’re uncertain as to whether your workplace is on the path to wellness, the signs below may provide some helpful tips:

  1. Clear and Positive Values: Be transparent and definitive about what the company stands for. People inside and outside of the company should have a clear understanding of the mission.
  2. Open Communication: Keep the communication process transparent. Creating an environment of open communication contributes to a more energetic and productive workforce where all employees can feel invested in the company.
  3. Productive Atmosphere: Maintain a clean, functional and well-lit space and good working relationships with all staff. Employees feel respected, appreciated, incentivized, and rewarded. Signs of intimidation, bullying, sexual harassment, and fear are absent.
  4. Health, Wellness, & Environment: Provide a comprehensive health insurance plan including smoking-cessation and substance use programs.
  5. Management Accountability: Allow employees to provide work-related feedback to their supervisors. It can be anonymous to avoid the possibility of negative repercussions.
  6. Employee Accountability: It takes two to make a healthy workplace. Employees have to come with a "can-do" attitude and be willing to support each other as well as management.
  7. Reasonable Accommodation: Employers and employees have to work collaboratively to identify reasonable accommodations (not special treatment) in the workplace for physical and mental disabilities. From changing physical workspace and schedule to the use of interpreters or technologically adapted equipment, it can run the gamut.
  8. Work-Life Balance: We now live in a world where technology is available to keep us connected to work around the clock. Work options such as flexible scheduling, hoteling (reservation-based unassigned seating), or telecommuting should be implemented, if applicable.
  9. Livable Wage: Providing a livable wage encourages a committed and sustained workforce.
  10. Fitness: Offer a gym membership, fitness class, or even just an exercise space that encourages employees to become physically active and stay fit. If possible, incentivize employees to access such services.

If you are interested in a comprehensive assessment of your workplace, MHA has developed the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health, a certification program to recognize and guide employers who are creating mentally healthy workplaces.

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