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Urge Members of Congress to Prioritize Mental Health in the EOY Package!

Congress has been working on mental health and substance use legislation all year which would reauthorize critical programs, expand services in Medicaid and Medicare, further telehealth and parity, and other important goals. Tell your member of Congress that we need the end-of-year package to provide sufficient resources to address the ongoing mental health crisis.

Take action to pass mental health health legislation

Tell the Senate to Renew Lifesaving Mental Health Programs.

Tell your Senator to not let elections get in the way of helping our youth and nation’s mental health! The House did their part, and now it’s time for the Senate to pass the renewal of life-saving mental health programs before the end of the year.

Help renew mental health programs

Tell the administration to pay for mental health and addiction care in Medicare.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is looking for public input to identify what services Mediare should pay for (and how much they should pay for them) through the Physician Fee Schedule. This means we need as many people as possible to share why it is important to pay for family mental health education, peer support, and intensive outpatient services, in addition to increasing payments for mental health and addiction professionals.

Learn more about Medicare and Medicaid Programs

Congress must fully fund specialized mental health crisis services.

FY23 funding should include significant resources for specialized services for BIPOC communities, as well as LGBTQ populations receiving crisis services through 988. Congress must support additional investment in this area through the FY 2023 appropriations bills because these populations are presently at the highest risk of experiencing suicidal ideation in the U.S.

Help fund specialized mental health crisis services

The Senate must act now to pass these key bills that will help schools protect youth mental health.

As our nation grapples with compounding crises during a public health emergency, young people have spoken out about the lack of critical mental health supports available to them to manage increased stress, trauma, loss, and isolation. The Senate must act.

Help schools protect youth mental health

Tell your legislators to support the Pursuing Equity in Mental Health Act

The Pursuing Equity in Mental Health Act, written following the release of the Congressional Black Caucus Emergency Taskforce on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health report, Ring The Alarm, would authorize $805 million in grants and other funding to support research, improving the pipeline of culturally humble providers, building outreach programs that reduce stigma, and developing training programs for providers to effectively manage bias and reduce disparities in access to and delivery of mental health care for Black and brown youth.

Support the Pursing Equity in Mental Health Act

Ask your representative to co-sponsor the PEERS in Medicare Act of 2021

H.R. 2767, the Promoting Effective and Empowering Recovery Services (PEERS) in Medicare Act of 2021, was introduced in the House of Representatives to promote the use of peer support specialists as part of integrated care in Medicare. More specifically, the bill would recognize certified peer specialists for the first time in Medicare and would ensure reimbursement of support and services provided by peer specialists as part of coordinated care teams that work together to provide the best mental and physical health care for an individual based on their unique needs.

Learn more about the PEERS in Medicare Act

Tell your legislators to support the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021

,which includes the Moms Matter Act, a maternal mental health equity bill to provide for quality screening, treatment, support, and research of Black mothers with mental health needs. Congress can and should make it easier for moms and babies to access support and care early on when it matters most.

Support the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act

Tell Congress to Support S.660/H.R. 2264, the Tele-Mental Health Improvement Act

The Federal government facilitated improved access to mental health care during the pandemic, especially tele-mental health care in Medicaid and Medicare. However, issues remain in accessing and covering these services for people who do not have access to broadband or smartphones. We must support S.660/H.R. 2264, the Tele-Mental Health Improvement Act, a bill to require employer-sponsored health care plans to cover tele-behavioral health care services at the same pay rate as those services provided in-person.

Support the Tele-Mental Health Improvement Act

Tell the Senate to Pass Changes That Increase Funding and Access to Mental Health Services in the next COVID-19 Package

Additional funding for mental health and substance use services will help states and local governments provide services as many states face budget shortfalls and plan to instead cut funding from mental health accounts. Expanded coverage of telemental health services has allowed people with mental health conditions to stay in treatment or get into treatment at a time when it is unsafe to meet in person. To help keep safety net Medicaid providers afloat, many of which have seen drastic increases in demand for services, an increase in federal matching funds (FMAP) for Medicaid is needed. And, activation of Medicaid for individuals coming out of justice system settings helps many overcome the major hurdle of paying for treatment as they manage reintegrating into the community. The first 60 days back into the community is the highest risk period for many justice involved individuals and often times having access to health care is the difference between life and death.

Help Increase Funding & Access to Mental Health Services