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Urge your Members of Congress to Support the EARLY Minds Act!

Passing the Early Action and Responsiveness Lifts Youth (EARLY) Minds Act (H.R. 7808) would provide states with flexibility that does not currently exist within the Mental Health Block Grant to offer education, outreach, supports, and services to young people before they reach severe distress or crisis.

Ask Congress to support the EARLY Minds Act

Urge your U.S. Senators to Support the Medicare Mobility Crisis Improvement Act!

Passing the Medicare Mobility Crisis Improvement Act would be a significant step towards ensuring that people experiencing mental health or substance use crises are met with appropriate behavioral healthcare rather than a public safety or law enforcement response. As our nation builds up a full-service continuum of crisis care, providers offering mobile crisis interventions should be able to bill for these life-saving services.

Ask the U.S. Senate to support mobile crisis in Medicare

Urge your members of Congress to co-sponsor the PEERS in Medicare Act of 2023

Passing the Promoting Effective and Empowering Recovery Services (PEERS) in Medicare Act of 2023 would allow peer support services to be offered in historically underserved settings, including rural health clinics, community mental health centers, and certified community behavioral health clinics. This bill would augment mental health care and expand services in settings where they have previously been inaccessible.

Ask Congress to support PEERS in Medicare Act

Urge your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Youth Mental Health Research Act

The Youth Mental Health Research Act is a bipartisan bill authorizing $100 million for the National Institute of Mental Health to establish a Youth Mental Health Research Initiative that will attract quality scientists and produce lasting results that can be used to scale interventions that work and eliminate investments that have proven to be ineffective.

Ask Congress to support Youth Mental Health Research Act