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Workplace Mental Health Award

The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health

Together, we can redefine workplace mental health.

Show your team you are invested in their wellbeing.

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The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health national certification program recognizes employers committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces. Led by Mental Health America's rich history in research and advocacy, the Bell Seal's holistic evaluation of employer practices considers the entire employee experience.

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Bell Seal Recipients

The 2023 Bell Seal application cycle is now closed. MHA is not accepting applications at this time. Sign up for updates about the 2024 application cycle by completing an employer information form

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Unmatched Expertise

In collaboration with the DOL, CDC, and national companies, MHA is committed to furthering worker safety, health, and well-being alongside leading health and advocacy organizations. In addition to our organizational expertise and research-informed practices, we work with national leaders in workplace mental health to continuously refine the Bell Seal program— we don’t just evaluate workplace mental health standards, we set the standards.

Recognition that Resonates

Guided by our B4Stage4 philosophy, we want to elevate and celebrate organizations that take a proactive approach to mental health in the workplace. The act of curating a working environment that supports mental health and promotes positive experiences is not just good for employees and fulfilling on a human level, it’s good business.

Check out the 2021-22 application cycle outcomes and full list of recipients in the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health 2022 Brief: 92 Employers Leading the Workplace Mental Health Movement.

Distinct Standard of Excellence

Bell Seal recognition builds a sense of pride in employers and optimism in existing and prospective employees alike. We seek to understand how organizations approach mental health via four categories — workplace culture, benefits, compliance, and wellness programs — to gain a clear understanding of the entire employee experience and award recognition accordingly.

Better employee experiences create better outcomes for all

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“MHA has been an invaluable partner to us, and we can't thank you enough for the work you do in support of mental health and wellness not just for our people but for every community you impact. Our relationship with MHA has directly impacted the mental health of our people in more ways than I can express here, and we can't thank you enough for the monumental impact you've provided us to date.”