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What are the top five reasons an employee stays and leaves a job?

There are many factors that contribute to satisfied or dissatisfied employees, but if you only have two minutes to spare, here are ten reasons why employees stay and why they leave based on MHA’s research.

The top five reasons for happy employees are:

  1. The relationships they share with coworkers
  2. The relationship they share with their immediate supervisor
  3. How their work contributes to the company’s business goals
  4. How personally meaningful they find their work
  5. The opportunities they have to professionally develop their skills and abilities

The top five reasons for unhappy employees are:

  1. Minimal wage growth
  2. Lack of opportunity to advance
  3. Excessive overtime hours
  4. A work environment that does not encourage teamwork
  5. A supervisor that does not allow flexibility

Based on the reasons above, an employer should consider how to help employees enjoy coming to work and avoid pitfalls that cause employees to leave, including:

  • Encouraging supportive relationship-building among supervisors and coworkers;
  • Allowing employees flexibility in their position so they can set goals and explore areas of interest;
  • Providing opportunities for employees to grow professionally such as salary increases or promotions based on merit, in-house skill training, and tuition reimbursement or loan repayment; and
  • Providing fair compensation and working conditions across all levels of the company.

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