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Mental Health Resources for Parents

General Parenting Mental Health Resources

Mental health & the single parent
Helping at home: Tips for parents
Caregiving & the Sandwich Generation
Prevention and early intervention: Consequences of failing our children
Bullying tips for parents
Parenting while caring for an aging parent

Promoting Youth Mental Health Resources

Youth mental health
How to teach your child body positivity
Healthy mental and emotional development
Helping children cope with tragedy related anxiety
What every child needs for good mental health

Parent Mental Health Resources

Parenting with a mental health condition
Maternal depression: A planning guide
Catalyzing mental health support for moms [VIDEO]
Depression in fathers [PODCAST]
Maternal mental health

Pregnancy & Postpartum/New Parent Resources

Pregnancy and postpartum disorders
Mental health & the new father
I'm worried I'll hurt my baby [PODCAST]
Postpartum depression: Why should employers care?
Position statement 49: Perinatal mental health

Parenting & School Resources

How to cope with the stress of homeschooling
Teachers & families: Coping with back-to-school stress [VIDEO]
Navigating behavioral challenges with remote schooling [VIDEO]
Teachers & parents: Working together to make distance learning work

Parenting & the Military Resources

Military mental health: Reconnecting with your children
Helping children deal with deployment

Important Conversations

Infographic: Things adults say that hurt instead of help
Talking to adolescents & teens: What to do & where to go
Talking to adolescents & teens: Starting the conversation
Talking to kids about fear & violence
Talking to adolescents & teens: Time to talk
Talking to kids about school safety

Parenting & COVID-19

Back to normal - or not: How to help your family through COVID-19 transitions
Maternal mental health during the coronavirus pandemic
How to talk to your anxious child or teen about coronavirus
Parenting during coronavirus

Identifying Mental Health Struggles in Children

Bipolar disorder in children
Prevention & early intervention - Early childhood to puberty
Depression in teens
Prevention & early intervention - Puberty to early adulthood
Recognizing mental health problems in children
Prevention & early intervention - Prenatal period to early childhood
Psychosis (Schizophrenia) in children & youth