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Center for Research and Innovation

MHA’s Center for Research and Innovation is supporting individuals and communities through the voices of those who are impacted to create solutions that work. Our programs work with data from over 1 million users each year to understand community and workplace trends on mental illness, trauma, disparity, and access to supports.

MHA Initiatives

MHA Screening

MHA Screening provides tools for people to understand and make decisions about their own mental health. The voluntary data from users helps to identify data-driven population health efforts toward prevention and early intervention of mental illness, promotion of mental wellbeing, and equitable allocation of mental health treatment and supports. 

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Screening-to-Supports (S2S)

MHA's Screening to Supports (S2S) is an interactive online space for individuals to find tools they can use after screening to better their mental health. S2S provides customized results, drawing from resources in each of four domains identified by screeners: information and resources (“Learn”); information about and referrals to care, services, and supports (“Treatment and Help”); do-it-yourself tools (“DIY”); and online engagement with peers (“Connect”).

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Workplace Mental Health and Wellness

MHA’s workplace efforts explore meaningful changes in company and managerial practices that impact employee mental health. MHA’s research is part of an ongoing commitment to uncovering workplace disparities and addressing the psychological needs of the workforce.

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State of Mental Health in America

MHA’s annual State of Mental Health in America report identifies a common set of data indicators for mental health that gives a more complete picture of mental health status in America. The report provides data on prevalence rates of mental health problems for youth and adults, and data on access to care.

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Our programs collaborate with companies, researchers, and advocates in different ways. Check out the pages above to learn more about what we’re working on and how to connect. If you’re interested in collaborating with the center as a whole, please contact Theresa Nguyen at