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Maternal Depression-Making a Difference Through Community Action: A Planning Guide

Maternal depression affects millions of families in communities nationwide. As a response to this urgent public health problem, Mental Health America developed an action guide for communities, Maternal Depression—Making a Difference Through Community Action: A Planning Guide.  

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The Guide aims to:

  • Build awareness and acceptance of the need for a family-focused, community-driven approach
  • Strengthen the capacity of communities to mobilize around a significant public health issue
  • Promote the use of state, local and even neighborhood partners
  • Spur strategic thinking that leads to effective community action and change


The Guide offers community organizations and other stakeholder groups an easy-to-use, practical framework to create a well-thought-out plan of action that is customized to their communities. It provides:

  • An in-depth look at the issue of maternal depression
  • Examples of outreach programs and practices
  • An easy-to-follow roadmap for action
  • Tools and resources to use in all stages of the planning process


The Guide is intended for Mental Health America affiliates in the field and organizations like them who are mobilizing their communities to address critical public health and mental health issues.