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For people wanting information about mental health facts and conditions, policy measures, and more, our research and reports, webinars, podcast, blog, and screening tools provide guiding resources and tools to help understand and improve your mental health.

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Students who are experiencing well-being and feel engaged are much more likely to attend school and achieve academically. Recently reported declines in student mental health are raising concerns among educators, families, and pediatricians and may be…

As someone who wasn’t diagnosed with autism until her mid-40s, I often struggle with what it means for me to unmask. What if people don’t like who I am without masking? How even am I masking? These are just a few of the questions that someone who is a…

Editor and publisher Lauri Hornik went looking for a mental health book that didn’t exist. Something that was relatable, free of the usual jargon, and could help young people with lots of questions safely navigate their mental health. Something that could…

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