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2024 Mental Health Month Toolkit Download

Download the full toolkit

To unzip a folder, locate the zipped (or compressed) folder that you want to get the files from. You can either open the compressed folder and drag each item to a new location, OR you can right click the folder and select "Extract All.." and choose a location, like on your network or desktop.

Review permissions for use of toolkit and toolkit items

Zoom Backgrounds

Green background with Fight in the Open | May is Mental Health Month text

Green background with May is Mental Health Month text

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Social Media

By accessing and utilizing the toolkit, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

1. Usage in Original Format: Individuals and organizations are permitted to use the materials within the toolkit in their original format without the requirement of attribution to Mental Health America.

2. Logo Manipulation: Users are strictly prohibited from adding their own logos to or removing MHA's logo from any materials within the toolkit without permission.

3. Customization: Users are allowed to customize the toolkit materials by adding their own language where there are templates with blanks to fill in.

Users can adapt/customize

  • Drop-in articles
  • Proclamations
  • Social media posts (sample language and template images)
  • Key messages
  • Sample emails

Users may not alter*

  • Fact sheets
  • Worksheets and DIY tools
  • Posters
  • Other content unless given permission

4. Excerpts usage: Users are permitted to incorporate excerpts from the toolkit into other materials. However, when doing so, it is required to cite Mental Health America as the source. Preferred citation format is:

[Year]. [Toolkit name]. Mental Health America. [Main campaign webpage, i.e.,].

5. Distribution: Users are not allowed to host PDFs of the toolkit on their own websites. The toolkit should be accessed and downloaded directly from Mental Health America's official campaign webpage. Sharing links to webpages corresponding to toolkit materials (i.e., web articles that align with fact sheets or DIY tools) is highly encouraged). 

6. Translation: Users may translate any information that can be edited or adapted in item 2. If users wish to translate any fact sheets or worksheets, they should contact

Additional notes:

1. Accessing and/or using any toolkit or portion thereof does not grant to the user any rights beyond those stated in this "Permissions" statement. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by MHA, MHA retains ownership of the copyright and all other intellectual properties rights to all toolkits.

2. Use of MHA logo: Utilization of the toolkit materials does not grant permission for other organizations to use Mental Health America's registered logo. Furthermore, it does not indicate any form of partnership between the user and MHA.

3. Changes to permissions: Mental Health America reserves the right to modify or update these permissions at any time without prior notice.

By accessing and using the toolkit materials, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the permissions outlined above. Failure to comply with these permissions may result in legal action.

For any questions or clarifications regarding the permissions outlined herein, please contact Mental Health American at

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

*MHA Affiliates may receive access to exclusive materials for customization.

This campaign is supported by contributions from Johnson & Johnson and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

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