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55 Ways People Are Coping with COVID-19


By Jennifer Cheang, Director of Digital Marketing at Mental Health America

The mental health effects of what is needed as a nation to slow the spread of COVID-19 – social distancing, isolation, extreme precaution when running necessary errands, etc. – could cause a crisis that stretches beyond the ebb and flow of the virus.

We asked our community what they’re doing to cope with the social distancing and isolation…

COVID-19 Increasing Anxiety and Panic Buying of Firearms


By Debbie Plotnick, Vice President of State and Federal Advocacy at Mental Health America

Everyone is scared. People are showing how scared they are in many ways. At Mental Health America (MHA) we’re seeing a tremendous increase in the number of people visiting our website for information on COVID-19, and in those that connect to…

A Message Employers Need to Hear: The “New Normal” Includes Looking After Employee Mental Wellness

workplace wellness:COVID19

By Keita Franklin, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Officer at Psych Hub

Today’s “new normal” is more than a remote work site, virtual happy hours, and social distancing in public. The new normal is also a constant state of anxiety, uncertainty, and stress that impact everyone’s mental health in different ways. Many employers are taking aggressive and innovative action to ensure the survival of their companies. Meetings and events are…

Free Mental Health Resources for COVID-19 First Responders


By Whitney Ball, Marketing and Outreach Manager at Mental Health America

As all of us across the country hunker down in our homes to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, first responders continue to risk their own lives to provide much-needed support. If you are working on the frontlines and showing up to work every day to keep us safe, thank you! You are indeed an inspiration. Due to this worldwide pandemic, we know you are facing all…

To the Class of 2020: Not the Season-Ending Win We Expected

college:life on campus:COVID19

By Olivia Lubarsky, Student-Athlete at Towson University and former Mental Health America Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council (CMHIC) Member

From the moment we are born, we are taught that life is more meaningful when our goal is fulfillment, rather than reward. As student-athletes, we do not receive reward through financial gain, rather we earn our fulfillment through success in moments. For me, my moment to celebrate the…

Your Employees are Stressed: Why Digital Mental Health Solutions are Important in These Unpredictable Times and Beyond

workplace wellness:COVID19

By Louis Gagnon, CEO, Total Brain

On average each of us will spend one-third of our adult life at work. Workplace leaders have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to ensure the mental health of their employees through innovative solutions and forward-thinking programs. This was true yesterday. It will be true tomorrow. And without a doubt, amid the COVID-19 crisis, it is true today.  

In early March 2020,…

Social Distancing and Staying Connected Through Games


This article was originally published by iThrive Games Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teens to thrive through games and social and emotional learning. Click here to read the original article. 


Writing Matters: Writing to Support Your Mental Health Journey


By Janet Reynolds, Creator of Write On!

I was in second grade when I got my first diary—with a lock!—and began chronicling such critical events as where Michele and I rode our bikes and whether or not my mother let us stay outside late enough to play hide and seek in the dark. Fast forward to some 20 journals later and I still keep writing.

While I have made my career as a writer, editor and teacher, the reason I keep…

Mental Health Impacts and Support for International Students in COVID-19

life on campus:COVID19

By April Yu, LCSW, Founder of MAZE Partners, Inc.

In the past three months, life has changed drastically for almost every college student, including over one million international students who chose to stay in the U.S. due to various reasons.

What is it like to be an international student amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Prolonged Stress

Since its onset in late January…

Living Rare in the Time of COVID-19


By Tasia Rechisky

On March 11, I was at a meeting when one of my co-workers made the comment “Well, it's likely we all won’t be here together soon.” At the time, the comment did not fully register, but over the next few days, the reality of the situation became clearer.

On March 13, an email was circulated to confirm that “until further notice,” all employees would be working from home. It then came time to make the…

Your Feelings (about Coronavirus) are Valid


By Kevin Rushton, Program Manager of Digital Solutions at Mental Health America

When COVID-19 emerged as a clear and present public health threat, most people felt the same range of emotions: somewhere along the spectrum of fear and anxiety.

People are still feeling this way of course. But as initial shock wears…

Life as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner during COVID-19


By Dr. Kojo Sarfo, DNP, PMHNP-BC

My experience as a health care provider during this pandemic has been enlightening. Currently, I work in Williamsburg, Virginia, as a board-certified forensic psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner at an inpatient psychiatric state hospital.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, many Americans are suffering financially, and some have lost loved ones. Many of the patients I serve have had to…

What the pandemic storm is revealing and what will be left in its wake


By Debbie Plotnick, Vice President of Federal and State Advocacy at Mental Health America

Data tells a story, and here at the national office of Mental Health America (MHA), and through our affiliate network, we’re able to tell an undisputable story about how COVID-19 is showing us - now more than ever  - there an astonishing need for behavioral health services and supports. In the best of times we’ve known that at least one-…

For People with Chronic Conditions, Congress and the President Must Pay More Attention to Mental Health as the COVID-19 Pandemic Spreads


By Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO of Mental Health America

Some new data Mental Health America (MHA) released earlier this month show how deeply the pandemic is affecting the mental health of the nation – and how different any “new normal” might be.

This is especially true for people with chronic physical health conditions – and there will be more people with these as some of the millions who get COVID-19 struggle with…