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2020 Conference Agenda - Cloned


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Thursday, September 03, 2020
Time Session Title and details
Networking Break
Breakout Sessions
  • How Shared Stories of Resiliency and Recovery Combat Stigma (Terry McGuire, MHA Wisconsin)
  • Mental Health-Themed Exhibits and Arts-Based Initiatives that Promote Resilience and Recovery (Renee Folzenlogen, MHA of Essex and Morris NJ; Paul Piwko, Alexandria Orlandi, National Museum of Mental Health Project)
  • Improving Mental Health and Clinical Care Integration (Anita Burgos, Bipartisan Policy Center)
Breakout Sessions
  • Resiliency in the Face of a Movement Disorders Diagnosis (Josie Cooper, Movement Disorders Policy Coalition)
  • Harm Reduction 101 – Meeting People Where They Are (Guyton Colantuono, Project Return Peer Support Network)
  • Fostering Resilience in Bereaved Children and Families (Michaeleen Burns, Brook Griese – Judi’s House/JAG Institute)
  • Addressing the Social Isolation & Loneliness Epidemic with the Help of Companion Animals (Steven Feldman, Human- Animal Bond Research Institute; Zenithson Ng, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture College of Veterinary Medicine; Aubrey Fine, Department of Education, California State Polytechnic University)
Opening Luncheon
Networking Break
Breakout Sessions
  • Recent Advances in The Psychological Treatment of PTSD (Dr. Terry Keane, The National Institute for Mental Health)
  • Digital Technology to Objectively Measure, Monitor and Optimize Mental Health and Fitness (Louis Gagnon, Total Brain)
  • Mental-Hop: Engagement, Education, and Empowerment through Mental Health and Hip-Hop Culture (Dr. Randolph Sconiers, MentalHop)
  • The Long View – Life After a Mass Shooting (Lisa Hamp)
Afternoon Plenary


Welcome Reception
Clifford Beers Society Reception (By Invitation Only)
Clifford W. Beers Awards Dinner


Friday, September 04, 2020
Time Session Title and details
Breakfast Bell Chime Sessions

To Survive and Thrive: Accounts of Resiliency and Recovery from the Boston Marathon Bombing (Shamaila Khan, Boston University School of Medicine; Manya Chylinksi)

I am Why I am Here (Rachel Slawson, Miss Utah)

Breakfast Plenary

Student Solutions to Campus Mental Health - A Conversation with MHA's Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council (Kelly, Davis, Shivani Nishar, Juan Acosta, Braden Renke, Marissa Howdershelt, Ananya Cleetus, Joi-Michelle Rhodes)

Breakout Sessions
  • Being a Voice for the Voiceless - An Understanding of Parental Incarceration and its Effect on Children's Mental Health (Douglas Bates  - Winston-Salem State University)
  • From the Real Housewives to 13 Reasons Why – Utilizing Popular Culture in Therapy (Candice Sorapuru, Innovative Approaches Counseling Center)
  • The Epigenetic Landscape of Mental Health (Dr. Yanina Tsenkina, CYC Biomedical Consulting)
  • Mental Wellness at Work - An Imperative, Not a Perk (Taylor Adams, MHA National)
Breakout Sessions
  • Rescuing the Rescuers: Peer Support in the Fire Service (Brandon Dreiman, Indianapolis Fire Department)
  • Climate Change, Mental Health, and Environmental Justice (Helga Luest)
  • Critical Race Theory and the Mental Health of Marginalized People (America Paredes, MHA National; Angel Jones – George Washington University)
  • Mental Health of Patients and Caregivers Impacted by Disease (C. Grace Whiting, National Alliance for Caregiving; Steve Silvestri, EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases; Louise Fleming, CARES Foundation)
  • Creating and Advocating for Trauma-Informed Classrooms (Bushra Ul-Haq, Amber Wavryk – WE Schools; Jenna White, Fairfax County Council PTA)
Media Awards Luncheon


Networking Break
Breakout Sessions
  • Trauma and Early Childhood - Best Practices for Prevention and Intervention (Brijan Fellows, University of Maryland School of Medicine)
  • How Managed Care Utilizes Peer Services (Pamela Greenberg, Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness; Clarence Jordan, Beacon Health Options; Thomas Lane, Magellan Healthcare)
  • Bring It In: Supporting Mental Health In Youth Sports (Kelly Davis, MHA National)
  • Mental Health in LGBTQ Communities of Color (Ellen Kahn, Jean-Phillipe Regis – Human Rights Campaign Foundation)
Breakout Sessions
  • Beyond Mental Health Parity: What Must Happen Next (Joy Burkhard, 2020 Mom; Tim Clement, American Psychiatric Association)
  • Office Space: From Workplace Drama and Trauma to Resilience and Brilliance (Jeanine Hoff, Where is the Sunshine)
  • Psychological Health and Safety at Work: Introducing a New Paradigm for Workplace Mental Health (Donna Hardaker - Sutter Health)
  • The Body Reveals (Aimee Falchuk)
Networking Session
General Reception and Awards Ceremony
Film Screening and Panel Discussion

The Quell Foundation Screening of “Lift the Mask - Portraits of Life with Mental Illness” - "Lift the Mask" portrays a diverse group of people living with mental illness. Through vivid storytelling, the documentary provides a platform for the subjects and their caregivers to relate their experiences. Detailed interviews and examinations of their lives capture the struggles, as well as the joys and triumphs of those affected by mental health issues.

Following the screening of "Lift the Mask" , there will be a panel discussion with Victor Armstrong from Atrium Health; Liz Charpentier, a subject of the documentary; Margaret Hines from the Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation and Kevin Lynch of the Quell Foundatoin. 


Saturday, September 05, 2020
Time Session Title and details
Breakfast Bell Chime Sessions
  • Mental Fortitude (Tom Starling, MHA MidSouth)
  • Childhood Trauma: From Pain to Prosperity (Samantha Hedden, Mental Health Minnesota)
  • The Elephant in your Office has a Mental Illness (Ashley Sides Johnson, MHA Vanderburgh County)
  • Breaking Through the Pre-Teen Mind (Kim Sirois Pita, Mental Health Connecticut)
  • Hopeless to Hopeful (Ben McAfee)
Breakout Sessions
  • Emotional Recovery Through Cosplay, Video Games, & Geek Entertainment (Kat Mahoney, Aleksej Wilczek, Nova Mahoney - WeDiscoverGeeks)
  • A Resilience Lens on Intergenerational Trauma (Sherwood Randolph, Capital Area Health Network)
  • Training the Peer Leaders of Tomorrow (Kristina Baker, Brittany Barnes, MHA of Palm Beach County; Dana Foglesong, iNAPS)
  • Mental Health and Firearms Community – Talking To, Not About, Each Other (Debbie Plotnick, MHA National; Michael Sodini, Walk the Talk America)
Breakout Sessions
  • Healing for the Village - Culturally Responsive, Community-based Approaches to Mitigate Community Trauma and Promote Healing (Melanie Funchess, MHA Rochester/Monroe County; Jackie Dozier)
  • Giving Power to Caregivers (John Schall, Chance Browning, Nichole Goble – Caregiver Action Network)
  • Preparing K-12 Educators to Address Trauma Using Virtual Role-play Simulation (Glenn Albright, Baruch College of the City University of New York; Janet Pozmantier, Alejandra Posada - MHA Greater Houston; Jennifer Spiegler - Kognito)
  • Overcoming Race-based Traumas Through Mindfulness (Quentin Vennie)
  • Sexual Trauma and Shame: Living in the Shadows (Brooksi Bottari, Melwood Veterans Services)
Breakout Sessions
  • Communities Hold the Answers: Deep Engagement for Successful Community-Based Mental Health Interventions (Hilary Hahn, Maria Sperduto, Isabel Torres – MOMS Partnership, Elevate Policy Lab Yale School of Medicine)
  • Lessons in Resilience from the Sports Field (Janine Francolini, Tre Gabriel - Flawless Foundation
  • Peer Support Beyond Recovery: To the Frontiers of Well-being and Flourishing (Patrick Hendry, MHA National; Marion Cooper - Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • You’re Acting Funny (Francesco Paladino)
Closing Luncheon

Keynote: Monica Lewinsky (closed to press)