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General youth topics and resources

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Mental Health America can help you understand how to protect the mental well-being of young people, the types of mental health issues that young people face, the warning signs of different conditions, and ways to get help.

Infographic: Youth mental health — Emotions matter

Understanding trauma

Infographic: Youth mental health 101

Depression and suicide

When feeling low is beyond sadness, it becomes depression and could lead to thoughts of suicide. Know the signs and what to do.

Preventing suicide

Child and adolescent suicide

Recognizing depression

Eating disorders

Food and how you feel about yourself are just some of the things that are complicated about mental health during the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Eating disorders and youth

Body dysmorphic disorder and youth

kid sits in window with hand on head looking sad


Creating environments and relationships that nurture mental health have the potential to prevent mental health conditions from developing or keep them from becoming severe.

Promoting children's mental health

Healthy mental and emotional development

What every child needs for good mental health

Consequences of failing our children

Prevention and early intervention policy


A look at the factors that affect mental health during the most formative years of life.

Prenatal period to early childhood

Early childhood to puberty

Puberty to early adulthood