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Partner with Us

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Mental Health America values collaboration as a fundamental cornerstone needed to effectively address the mental health needs of individuals and communities.

As a trusted mental health organization that systematically collaborates with external organizations, our partnership goals aim to:

  • Remove barriers to mental health information and treatment.
  • Enhance knowledge-sharing by working with non-traditional partners.
  • Highlight often overlooked community-based efforts with the goal of improving equitable and responsive mental health care for all.

Mental Health America strives to develop a network of collaboration focused on creating equitable, innovative, and sustainable initiatives to address the unique mental health needs of people and communities across the nation.

Building on our legacy of public education, research, advocacy and public policy, and service, we are highly vested in developing a comprehensive network of partners and allies to innovate and reimagine the next generation of mental health prevention in this country.

Mental Health America's Partnership Spotlight

How To Become A Partner

We welcome the opportunity to hear about your organization and how we can work together. MHA’s partnership models are best suited for organizations who aim to make an impact through equitable sharing of resources, ideas, perspectives, and influence. We vet each partnership proposal based on alignment with our mission and policies.

Organizations interested in applying may fill out the Partnership Proposal Form to provide information about your organization and your interest in partnership with MHA. Review our partnership types below and be as specific as possible when listing your anticipated goals of partnership as this will assist us in assessing the feasibility of working together and expedite our ability to funnel your request to the appropriate staff members for follow-up.

We have several types of partnership opportunities available.


Corporations and brands play a critical role in contributing to our program development and advancing our mission. Corporations and brand partnerships are for groups who are interested in supporting MHA’s mission and vision through dedicated funding towards the development of mental health-focused initiatives and/or programs.

Research and Screening

Screening is an essential tool in promoting mental health awareness and decreasing stigma. Research and Screening partnerships are for entities who are:

  1. Looking to support and enhance MHA screening through program promotion, development of website content, and interest in being included on the screening website.
  2. AND/OR seeking to engage MHA in collaborative research projects and/or grant opportunities that align with the programmatic areas of focus of our MHA Screening Program. View our partnership inquiry guide for more information about our areas of focus.


Through cause-marketing fundraising initiatives, individuals and organizations can support MHA's vital work. Fundraising through cause-marketing generates financial support and raises awareness for MHA's programs by combining resources, expertise, and a shared passion for mental health. There are many different types of fundraising initiatives to choose from, such as product campaigns, awareness campaigns, and point-of-sale donations. Learn more and see examples.

Workplace Mental Health/Employer Certifications

Mental Health America’s workplace initiatives are part of an ongoing commitment to uncover workplace disparities, promote meaningful change in organizational practices, and develop resources to address the mental health needs of employees. Workplace mental health partnerships and employer certifications are for employers interested in advancing mentally healthy workplace cultures and elevating workers’ mental health and well-being as an organizational strategic priority, including participating in MHA’s Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health national employer certification program.

Public Education and Program Collaborations

Mental Health America’s public education and awareness initiatives drive our efforts to normalize mental health prevention strategies and promote well-being for all. Public education and program collaborations are for groups who are interested in contributing to, promoting, being featured in, or supporting the development of MHA’s public education and mental health awareness content. This includes our campaign-based webinars, social media events, toolkits, online resources, and other campaign materials. We are looking for groups with a focus on our strategic principles of #NextGenPrevention, including youth/peer advocacy, the continuum of prevention, crisis response, mental health equity, recovery, and innovation.

Media/Press Engagement

In the spirit of reaching all individuals and communities across the country, Mental Health America encourages media-focused outlets to contact us for collaboration on public relations and/or media-specific activities. We also encourage local media to reach out to affiliates in your area.