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Mind the Workplace 2018

Workplace Mental Health: Data, Statistics, and Solutions

Mental Health America (MHA) recognizes the psychological impact that workplaces can have on their employees. Millions of employees spend a large part of their day, and lifetime, at work, increasing the effect that workplace environments can have on psychological well-being. MHA’s research is part of an ongoing commitment to uncovering workplace disparities and addressing the psychological needs of the workforce.

The 2018 Workplace Health Survey measured the attitudes and perceptions of over 17,000 employees across 19 industries in the US. Survey questions were designed to collect data on work environments, workplace stress, employee engagement, and employee benefits. 

Download The 2018 Work Health Survey Report Here

Key Findings

  • Staff recognition and praise are worth more to employees than compensation

  • Non-financial perks had a considerable impact on employee engagement and job satisfaction, including the following:
    • Flexible Work Arrangements
    • Open and Relaxed Environments
  • Workplace stress continues to contribute to increased mental and physical impairments:
    • 80% of employees stated that workplace stress affected their personal relationships
    • 35% of employees "Always" miss 3-5 days a month because of workplace stress

Additional Analysis

The report provides further analysis of the following topics:

  • Unhealthy Workplaces vs Healthy Workplaces compares workplaces that scored highest on our survey against those that scored the lowest; and
  • Unhealthy Industries considers industries who scored low on workplace health; and
  • Organizational Rank and Workplace Health explores how an individual’s position in the workplace (e.g. management vs. line staff) results in different experiences in reported outcomes.


Download The 2018 Work Health Survey Report Here