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Mental health, caregivers, and the workplace

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Caregiving can be a full-time job, but many caregivers are also full- or part-time employees. In 2022, over 100,000 people who visited identified themselves as caregivers.

Caregivers who took a mental health screen were more likely to report that their workplace stress affects their relationships and their mental health than those who did not identify as caregivers.

When employees are under stress due to caregiving responsibilities, their work performance can suffer from causes like fatigue, distraction, and missed days of work. By offering resources and benefits that support the individual in addressing professional and personal responsibilities, employers can alleviate some of this burden, leading to improved productivity. Moreover, when employees feel understood and valued in all aspects of their lives, their morale and job satisfaction rise. However, when workers aren’t supported and stress goes unaddressed, it can worsen and potentially lead to mental health conditions.

79% of caregivers who took a screen showed moderate to severe symptoms of a mental health condition.

Caregivers were more likely to screen at risk for alcohol or substance use conditions, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, and PTSD than screeners who did not identify as caregivers.

Bell Seal recipient spotlight: Union Bank and Trust

"People first, money second, isn't just a motto for Union Bank and Trust (UBT). This Gold-level certified Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health company offers multiple supports for caregiver employees, where life takes them, including:

  • Leave for new parents (birth or adoption) and new grandparents
  • Flexibility in utilizing sick leave time to attend health-related appointments for themselves and others
  • Bereavement leave following the loss of a family member, immediate or extended
  • Loan benefits to assist in adoptions, hardship situations, and medical care
  • Employee assistance program offerings for associate and immediate family members, which includes free/discounted mental health counseling, wellness coaching, and financial and legal services
  • Wellness reimbursement account for gym memberships, nutrition counseling, financial education, and more to help financially support associates’ well-being
  • Nursing mother’s room available on site with supportive accommodations

Additionally, UBT supports its caregivers by being a flexible employer. Schedule accommodations are available, along with responsibility adjustments for individuals who need additional support. 

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Take a mental health test

If you are a caregiver struggling with your own mental health, take a free, anonymous, and confidential screen.