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Local Resources

The following local resources that can help connect you to additional mental health care.

MHA Affiliate Network

The MHA Affiliate Network is comprised of more than 200 mental health organizations that work to influence public policy to assure access to fair and effective treatment for the millions of Americans suffering from mental health conditions. MHA affiliates bring together mental health consumers, caregivers, advocates and service providers for collaboration and action to inform, support and enable mental wellness, and emphasize recovery from mental illness. Each MHA affiliate offers a unique blend of programs and mental health services through public education, advocacy, information and referral, peer support, rehabilitation services as well as socialization and housing services to those confronting mental health challenges.

To find an MHA affiliate in your area, click here.

SAMHSA Treatment Locator

The SAMHSA Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator and the SAMHSA 24/7 Treatment and Referral line at 1.800.662.4357 provide referrals to alcohol, substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment facilities, including facilities that offer sliding scale fees and other special payment arrangements. Dual diagnosis services provide integrated treatment for individuals who have both an alcohol or substance abuse problem and a mental illness. Use the detailed search option on the left hand side of the page to find the facilities that most closely match your needs.

Crisis Support

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline's 24 hour toll-free crisis hotline, 988 can put you into contact with your local crisis center that can tell you where to seek immediate help in your area.

Text "MHA" to 741741 to receive text based crisis help.

MHA Partnerships

MHA National works with a comprehensive network of partners in order to effectively address the needs of communities across the U.S. Together, with our partners, we leverage our combined knowledge and resources to effect change at the individual and societal levels. Our partnerships range in focus, and are targeted collaborations aimed at reaching a variety of stakeholder groups often resulting in co-branded, tailored content and messaging for promoting topics of mutual interest.

To learn more about our current partners and partnering with MHA, click here.

Other information on finding help

When your mental health is off, you want to get help to make it better.  Fortunately, there are a wide range of treatments and supports. Unfortunately, they can be hard to find or pay for. We’re here to help.

Working With a Provider

Whether you’re seeing a therapist, a psychiatrist, or a peer, your relationship with your provider is important.

Bumps in the Road

The mental health system can be tricky. If your insurance company has denied your treatment plan, if you’re unsatisfied with your treatment, or if you need help with medication check out our FAQs.

More Than Medical Treatment

Getting help for your mental health or substance use condition is about more than therapy and medication. You can get help with everything from housing to relationships, too. Learn how to recover your life.

Staying Well

Regardless of whether you have a mental health or substance use condition, you can live your life well. Our wellness tools are for everyone.