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Bullying: What To Do If I'm Bullied

Download the Bullying: What To Do If I'm Bullied Factsheet (PDF)

Being bullied is hurtful, scary and confusing. When bullying is aggressive and physical, it can be dangerous.  When it’s emotional – like name calling, or cyberbullying – it’s easy to feel alone.

If you’re being bullied or see someone being bullied, here are some things to do:

  • Try to stay calm.
  • Don’t let hurtful words beat you down.
  • Be a friend - listen, support and speak up (especially if the situation is unsafe).
  • Tell them to stop.
  • Say nothing and walk away…if you need to, run away!
  • Remember – bullies might be in pain, too.
  • Get off the internet! Avoid checking the internet (even though you want to).
  • Delete accounts where you are bullied.  Take a screen shot so that you can share it with your parents or others for evidence and support.
  • Don’t respond to online bullies – getting into online conversations/chats can make you feel worse. 
  • Brush it off with humor.
  • Tell someone you trust – friend, parent, teacher, and mentor.
  • Avoid “problematic areas” – areas around the neighborhood or school where bullying can happen.
  • Safety in numbers - keep yourself surrounded by people.
  • Spend more time with people who make you feel good about yourself (we like this one!).
  • Don’t become a bully yourself.  If you have – don’t give in to anger; don’t give in to peer pressure.  If you can, be a friend – say sorry.
  • Ask adults to listen. Tell them, “It’s important.”
  • Recognize the signs of depression - sadness, wanting to be alone, poor concentration, sleeping problems, and difficulty in school.
  • If you’re feeling very sad or unsafe – always, always find help (best to find a trusted adult).
  • If you do not know who to talk to and you feel like you want to hurt yourself. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.8255.