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Addressing Inclusion in Peer Support


By Kat McIntosh, Manger of Global Peer Support at Mental Health America

In mental health, a peer is usually used to refer to someone who shares the experience of living with a psychiatric disorder and/or addiction. Within this context, two people living with mental health conditions can be considered peers, but in reality, most people are far more specific about whom…

10 Ways to Volunteer Your Time for Mental Health

mental health

This article was originally posted on IDONTMIND's journal and has been cross-posted here with permission. Read the original article here.

There are so many ways you can volunteer your time to mental health! Not only is volunteering a way to support other people, it can also boost your mental health along the way.…

How the Human-Animal Bond Increases Resilience and Empowers Us to Thrive


By Steven Feldman, President of the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI)

Pets have been a bright spot in people’s lives throughout the pandemic, providing unconditional love and support. Approximately 11 million U.S. households brought home a new pet during the pandemic[1], and pet owners overwhelmingly reported that they could not have made it through the toughest parts of…