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Why Imposter Syndrome Goes Deep for Multiracial People

BIPOC mental health

By Jennifer Cheang, Director of Digital Marketing at Mental Health America

At, we know that among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) that take a mental health screen, people who identified themselves as multiracial were the most likely to screen positive or at-risk for alcohol/substance use disorders, anxiety, depression,…

Caring for Patients in the Time of COVID-19


By Eddie Russo, RN

March 6th, 2020—I will remember that day for many years to come.  Walking into my night shift that evening, I knew COVID-19 began to crawl its way into our Seattle hospital.

When my shift began, I was in the Float Critical Care Pool as a travel nurse, so my expectations of actually caring for a COVID-19 positive patient were slim. I was on the side of the unit that cared for general neuro…

New Data from MHA Screening Shows Differences in Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Ideation Across Race and Ethnicity

BIPOC mental health:COVID19

By Madeline Reinert, MPH, Manager of Population Health at Mental Health America and Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO of Mental Health America

The Mental Health America (MHA) Screening Program, which provides voluntary, free, anonymous mental health screens across ten conditions, has seen unprecedented numbers in 2020, with more than 800,000 screens since the…

Know the Signs: Help Prevent a Loved One’s Suicide

suicide prevention

By Wendy Martinez Farmer, LPC, Crisis Solutions Lead, Beacon Health Options

A true story by a Beacon Health Options employee
Anna was one of the most talented and creative people I had ever known, and just about everyone who met her felt the same. She was a perfectionist to a fault, and there was seemingly nothing that she did not do well. The one person who did not see…

When a Frontline Nurse Contracted COVID-19


By Victoria Renard, Vice President of Development at Mental Health America

As the VP of Development at Mental Health America (MHA), I introduce myself as the person lucky enough to work with incredibly talented people developing programs to help empower individuals with their mental health and finding connections in the world to others interested in that work. I shorthand that by saying I’m the VP of Connections.

Today, I…