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Reading the Rainbow of Mental Health

LGBT Mental Health

By Madeline Halpern, Programs Analyst at Mental Health America

Mental health and its struggles are deeply rooted in your personal experiences. Seeing someone go through something like your own experiences is validating and can empower you. Many people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum struggle to find themselves in both fiction and non-fiction books. One of the best ways to find this type of representation is by reading authors with a…

Secondary Trauma in the Time of COVID-19


By Bethany Jones

Anyone can burn out, some do so like a roman candle – in a bright combustible way, while others burn out slowly – quietly, like a candle at a dinner party slowly dripping away while no one notices - until it extinguishes itself. While everyone can burn out, not everyone can get secondary trauma. Secondary trauma is different from its exhausted cousin burn out.  Secondary trauma only affects a handful of…

Register Now: MHA Webinar to Address the Connection Between Mental Health & Chronic Pain

Mental Health America to host June 17th webinar with HealthyWomen and NMQF on the unique connection between mental health and chronic pain conditions.

The mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are as essential to address as the physical health effects. As the number of COVID-19 cases increases, so does the associated anxiety and stress. The health challenges presented to individuals with a mental health condition during…

We will no longer tolerate injustice in America

BIPOC mental health

By Valerie Sterns, Vice President of Affiliate Services at Mental Health America

I don't know about you, but I've had a lot on my mind lately. I am angry. I am sad, and I have so much rage because of the recent murder of George Floyd - not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I want to share my thoughts and learn about what others are doing to speak out against racial injustice in America because the…

How To Be An Ally in The Fight Against Racial Injustice and For Better Mental Health For All

BIPOC mental health

By Whitney Ball, Outreach and Marketing Manager at Mental Health America

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how intertwined mental health advocacy is with other social justice issues, particularly those around race. As a white woman fighting for the mental health of all, I cannot say that I advocate for change to our mental health system without also fighting for racial justice. Hundreds of years of oppression have resulted in so…

5 Tips to Stay Focused When You Have No Dedicated Workspace

workplace wellness:COVID19

By Taylor Adams, Manager of Workplace Mental Health at Mental Health America

If you are not used to working remotely, the change in routine and workspace can hinder your productivity. As someone who worked from home once a week, switching to a fully remote work schedule was a bigger challenge than I anticipated.

For context, I live in a 750 square foot one-bedroom apartment with my partner who is also working from home five…

Why Silence Weighs Heavily on the Mental Health of Marginalized Communities

BIPOC mental health

By America Paredes, Associate Vice President of Partnerships and Community Outreach at Mental Health America

Silence is complicity.

I am a Latina immigrant, and that identity colors my experience. It is through this lens that I see and experience the world. I am blessed because I have had people and opportunities that have helped me understand the world differently, to move beyond my worldview and expand it.


Guarding your Joy: Keeping your mental wellness high on your agenda


By Julio J. Fonseca, Senior Program Manager, AIDS United

I recently got an email from a colleague and friend who leads a national black social justice organization. 

He signed off with “I hope you are continuing to guard your joy.” 

That resonated with me. One, because someone leading a social justice movement in the midst of ongoing protests against police…

Is It Time for a Staycation? The Answer May (Not) Surprise You

COVID19:workplace wellness

By Taylor Adams, Manager of Workplace Mental Health at Mental Health America

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to feel powerless and isolated. Our inability to chat with friends and family face-to-face, grab a happy hour bite to eat with coworkers, and have a one-on-one with your boss has strained our already-tenuous balance between “work” and “life.” Zoom is now the new “office drop-in.” Emails, blogs, and newsletters flood…

How 2020 Showed Me The Meaning of Justice, Pride, and Connection

COVID19:LGBT Mental Health

By Juan Acosta, Youth Intern at Born This Way Foundation and member of Mental Health America’s Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council

As 2020 began, we didn’t expect for our lives to be altered in such a tremendous way. We all looked forward to birthdays, graduations, Pride…