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Reading the Rainbow of Mental Health

By Madeline Halpern, Programs Analyst at Mental Health America

Mental health and its struggles are deeply rooted in your personal experiences. Seeing someone go through something like your own experiences is validating and can empower…Read More

Secondary Trauma in the Time of COVID-19

By Bethany Jones

Anyone can burn out, some do so like a roman candle – in a bright combustible way, while others burn out slowly – quietly, like a candle at a dinner party slowly dripping away while no one notices - until it…Read More

We will no longer tolerate injustice in America

By Valerie Sterns, Vice President of Affiliate Services at Mental Health America

I don't know about you, but I've had a lot on my mind lately. I am angry. I am sad, and I have so much rage because of the recent murder…Read More

How To Be An Ally in The Fight Against Racial Injustice and For Better Mental Health For All

By Whitney Ball, Outreach and Marketing Manager at Mental Health America

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how intertwined mental health advocacy is with other social justice issues, particularly those around race. As a white woman…Read More

Why Silence Weighs Heavily on the Mental Health of Marginalized Communities

Silence is complicity.

I am a Latina immigrant, and that identity colors my experience. It is through this lens that I see and experience the world. I am blessed because I have had people and opportunities that have helped me understand the…Read More

Guarding your Joy: Keeping your mental wellness high on your agenda

By Julio J. Fonseca, Senior Program Manager, AIDS United

I recently got an email from a colleague and friend who leads a national black social justice organization. 

He signed off with “…Read More

How 2020 Showed Me The Meaning of Justice, Pride, and Connection

By Juan Acosta, Youth Intern at Born This Way Foundation and member of Mental Health America’s Read More