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Culture that Encourages Employees to Stay: What we know about workplace culture

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By Jessica Kennedy, Chief of Staff and Vice President of Finance, Mental Health America

I recently started conducting stay interviews with our team here at Mental Health America.

“Do you know what a stay interview is?” I asked an employee.

“I can guess,” they responded. “Why? Are you afraid I’m going to leave?”

“No,” I reassured them before giving an explanation.

A stay interview is the supportive…

Kristina’s Story: The growth and power of certified peer specialists in behavioral health


By Emily Skehill, Manager of Peer Advocacy, Supports, and Services at Mental Health America

Kristina Baker left the front door to her house open one night while stationed on a military base in Hawaii. She was 22, and while nothing happened to her that night, it was a neighbor’s simple comment the next morning - “I wouldn’t do that again” - that sent her spiraling.

Kristina’s story starts like those of many others who…