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What to Do When Your (South Asian) Parents Don’t Understand Your Mental Health

BIPOC mental health

By Sachin Doshi, MHA Director of Development

This article was originally written with a South Asian audience in mind and was originally published in the March 2018 issue of Young Minds, a periodical e-magazine produced by Young Jains of America (YJA). All content is reproduced and modified with permission.…

Confronting the Workplace Bully

workplace wellness

By Michele Hellebuyck, MHA Policy and Programs Manager

Bullying is often considered something we think about when recalling moments from our childhood. We automatically turn to the experiences of youth in middle school or high school. But as adults we also experience bullying, and despite a change in environment and age, the look…

Mike Veny’s Story... His Way

BIPOC mental health:mystorymyway

By Mike Veny


"Who am I?" This is a question I silently ask myself right before I meditate each day. Despite my persistence, life hasn't provided me with any clear answers about who I am…

Sleep Deprivation: The Effects on Mind and Body


By Amy Highland,

When building a healthy lifestyle, the importance of adequate sleep cannot be stressed enough. Both mind and body need rest to function at peak efficiency. Without it, your mental, emotional, and physical health suffer, potentially pushing you further away from your personal goals. When you sleep, you give your…

To Be the Child of an Immigrant

BIPOC mental health:mystorymyway

By Kenna Chick, 2017-2018 Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council Member, Georgetown University

July is Minority Mental Health Month, and there have been many articles published providing insight into the cultural complications of mental health for…