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America’s Youth is in Crisis – Here’s How You Can Help

youth:mental health:prevention; policy; b4stage4:Screening

By Theresa Nguyen, MHA Vice President of Policy and Programs

Over ten years ago, I started working with teenagers and adults who struggled with mental health problems.

Working with individuals and families, I witnessed how exhausting and persistent the struggle against mental illnesses is.

Youth often struggled in silence for…

5 Things To Do When the Holidays Aren't Exactly Uplifting

mental health:depression:anxiety

By Danielle Fritze, MHA Senior Director of Public Education & Visual Communications

For many people, the holidays conjure up a Norman Rockwell-esque mental picture of people gathered to enjoy food, friends, and family, accompanied by feelings of love, warmth, and excitement.

But for others, the holidays can cause them to feel anxious…

How to Recognize and Address the Signs of Depression in Your Aging Parent

older adults:depression:suicide prevention

By Nancy Kupka PhD, RN, Walgreens

You hear a lot of buzz in the news about depression among adolescents and new mothers, but you don’t hear much about depression among older individuals. After all, as they grow older, people develop new health…