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Playing Hurt: A Narrative of Hope

john saunders:playing hurt:sports:depression:men:men's mental health:african american mental health

By Paul Gionfriddo, MHA National President and CEO

Most of us who have watched ESPN regularly feel like we knew John Saunders.

For years, he was one of those voices in our family rooms, reporting on the sports through which we defined the seasons of our life.

Not summer, fall, winter, and spring, but…

Manufacturing, Retail, and Food and Beverage Industries Rank Worst for Workplace Mental Health

work health survey:workplace wellness:stress:mind the workplace report

By Jennifer Cheang, MHA National Digital Marketing Manager

Back in July 2017, a CEO’s response to an employee taking a mental health day went viral. The CEO thanked his employee for giving him a “reminder of the…

Life, Death, and Stable Markets – Reauthorize CHIP and Fund Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments

maternal mental health:youth mental health:Insurance:insurance coverage

By Caren Howard, MHA National Advocacy Manager and Nathaniel Counts, JD, MHA National Senior Policy Director

By October 1, the House and Senate Health Committees had passed bills reauthorizing Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the primary health insurance for pregnant women and children whose income disqualifies them from Medicaid…

Me Against the World: When Your Favorite Holiday Perpetuates Stigma

mental health:stigma

By Jennifer Cheang, MHA National Digital Marketing Manager

Mental Health America (MHA) recently received an important question on our Facebook page:

“Our local Air Force Base has a Haunted Asylum planned for Halloween. It is a HUGE & popular attraction each year.…

What I Learned About People Through Mental Health Screens

Screening:screenings:mental health

By Madeline Halpern, MHA National Policy and Programs Analyst

Before I started working at Mental Health America (MHA), I had almost no experience with mental health screening.

My only interaction had been the one time my doctor screened me for depression and then gave me a prescription for antidepressants.


4 Tips to Make the Grade in Mental Health

life on campus:school:tips:college

During the fall, many feel a familiar charge of energy as the leaves take on fiery colors and the temperatures cool off. However, for college students, the season’s progression can take on another meaning.

By Shannon Hazlitt Harts, Social Media Specialist, bp and esperanza Magazines

6 Things That Are Scarier Than “Mental Patient” Costumes

stigma:mental health awareness

By Jessica Kennedy, MHA Chief of Staff

It’s Halloween again.

That means candy (good). Too much candy (bad). Funny costumes (good). Offensive costumes (bad).

Every year we get calls about stigmatizing straightjacket costumes and “haunted asylums.” Which is a shame, because there are…