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Harm Reduction 101 with Jessica Nagel

addiction/substance use disorder:Jessica Nagel:speakers

By Kim Palchikoff

Road to Wellness: An African American Female’s Journey

mental health:depression:mental illness:BIPOC mental health:women:minority mental health month

By Lauren Carson, Founder of Black Girls Smile Inc. 

I remember precisely the day that I first heard the word “depression” float into the air and for some reason the word landed heavily on me in a…

The Power of Spoken Word

mental health:minority mental health month:mental illness:bipolar:depression:poetry:anxiety:spoken word:youth

By: Marcel “Fable The Poet” Price

I am a poet, teaching artist, and a full-time creative who inspires the, individuals of tomorrow, today. But what does that even mean?

In a nutshell I use my stories, along with poetry,…