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S2S: Our Answer to a Call for Help

By: Paul Gionfriddo, president and CEO, Mental Health America

From the time Mental Health America launched our online mental health screening program in 2014, we have asked screeners what they want. Their most frequent response?  “Help.”

We’ve been thinking a a lot about what screeners need and how we can most effectively provide them help. But what do they mean by “help?”  And does the meaning change based on who…

What’s REALLY Scary about Mental Health

mental health:stigma

By: Kelly Davis, MHA Policy and Programs Associate and Theresa Nguyen, MHA Senior Director of Policy and Programs

Every year around Halloween we see a recurring rise of haunted asylums, straight jacket “psycho” costumes, and costumes depicting suicide. At MHA, we’ve called for the removal of offensive costumes and attractions, and to draw attention to why these representations are just wrong. They falsely…