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Mental Health America Announces Reduced Fee, Streamlined Application Process for Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health Certification Program

Alexandria, VA – Mental Health America (MHA) announced today that it is reducing the application fee and streamlining the application process for its Bell Seal for…

Mental Health America Finds Nearly 2/3 of People Screened for Depression Had Severe or Moderately Severe Symptoms in 2020 During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alexandria, VA – Today, Mental Health America (MHA), with support from Lundbeck, released a new brief, Severe Depression and…

MHA Report Finds Students Face Major Barriers to Accessing Disability Accommodations on College Campuses

Alexandria, VA – As college students return to campus, a new report released by Mental Health America finds students face major barriers to accessing disability accommodations on campus, including disability accommodations for mental…

Chiming In Blog

By Angi, Full-time child-care worker (last names have been omitted to protect identities) When I was in my early 20s, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but looking back, I definitely started showing symptoms in my teens.1 It took me years and a lot…

By Cecilia A. McGough (she/they), Executive Director, Students With Psychosis Psychosis is often left out of the mental conversation on college campuses. Often, the narrative is limited and excludes intersectional community members. The Child Mind…

By Danna Mauch, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, and Sharon Shapiro, Trustee and Community Liaison for the Ruderman Family Foundation As the delta variant reignites deep concerns around COVID-19 and leaders have yet…