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During the COVID-19 pandemic, people began struggling more than ever with their mental health. According to our screening data, many within our community listed loneliness and isolation as their top mental health concern. Additionally, research shows that at least 60% of Americans are experiencing loneliness right now. 

To address this, we thought about ways in which we could offer support to those struggling. We knew it was important to move beyond speaking about loneliness and isolation and start thinking about real solutions. 

People deserve real solutions to address loneliness and isolation.

IAMNOTALONE is a social networking website that helps anyone find meaningful connections.  Users can create, find, and share events to kick-start the process of building new friendships. This is particularly important for those struggling with loneliness and isolation brought on by COVID-19.


Solutions to addressing isolation must be inclusive. Unfortunately, many social networking and event sites exclude those with mental health conditions in their design. People with disabilities are often left out. IAMNOTALONE ensures that our site is welcoming for all.


Lived experiences must be included when creating solutions. This lived experience can include mental health diagnosis, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, disability, etc. Including lived experience paves the way for creating meaningful relationships and can better support an individual's recovery.

Together we can address loneliness and isolation, and prevent the lasting effects.

How can you use IAMNOTALONE?

  1. Create events including support groups, training, and community activities.
  2. Find events that can provide a community that understands living with mental health challenges.
  3. Share our IAMNOTALONE infographic.

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