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Back to School

Back to School: Youth and technology

Virtual spaces are everywhere and have become a constant presence, offering social connectedness and the ease of instant communication. But the online world of selfies and social media also brings with it challenging situations that can have a negative impact on youth mental health.

Selfies, Social, and Screens: Navigating Virtual Spaces for Youth

Our 2023 toolkit provides information, tips, and resources for young people, caregivers, and school personnel on how to protect youth mental health in a digital world.

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Youth Resource Center

Whether you're a teen trying to make sense of how you’re feeling, a young adult navigating the pressures of increased responsibility, a parent trying to find help for your child, or an educator aiming to bring mental health to the classroom, we have info and resources to help you.

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adult sits with child looking at a tablet together

Graphics and shareables

Using graphics or messaging in your day-to-day communications is a great way to raise mental health awareness about youth and technology. We’ve created sample text and graphics to make it easy for you to share.

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Laptop with the MHA Screening site displayed

Take a mental health test

Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition

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Young person reads Where to Start book by MHA

Where to Start

Our book "Where to Start" tackles the issues you might see during this return to school with a jargon-free approach to understanding mental health.

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Download the 2023 Back to School toolkit now!

Descargue el kit de herramientas para el Regreso a la Escuela 2023 en Español

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