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Keep up with the latest news and updates related to Mental Health America's youth leadership programs, reports, and alumni.

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Youth take charge to improve mental health and housing pressure

“It’s not just housing. It’s investing in the whole human and not just the body on the sidewalk.”

How colleges can learn from the peer support movement

Students want peer support programs, and much of the campus pushback can be addressed with decades of insight from the peer support community.

Webinar: Sharing and building power with youth mental health leaders

Members of MHA’s 2021-2022 Young Mental Health Leaders Council discuss their recent report on intergenerational collaboration in mental health.

Higher education must listen to students with disabilities, mental health concerns

40% of college students considered dropping out in the past six months due to mental health concerns.

Mental Health America, Bazelon Center, and University of Pittsburgh receive $100,000 Engagement Award

The funds will support their collaborative project on identifying research priorities focused on college campus mental health.

5 ideas for building youth-centered mental health programs

Youth mental health programs greatly impact the outcomes of struggling young people, but far too often, youth voices are shut out of the design.

Members of MHA's Young Leaders Council walk up the stairs

Our programs and reports in the news

To solve the youth mental health crisis, stop looking to adults

When youth are brought in and supported, real and meaningful change happens.

The case for mental health in our social change worlds

Integrating positive mental health practices is the only way for social change leaders to maximize the incredible potential of their organizations and the communities they serve.

More states are allowing students to take mental health days off

In a 2020 Mental Health America survey of young people's greatest mental health needs, the top responses from 14- to 18-year-olds were access to mental health professionals and mental health absences or breaks as part of school or work.

How to ease the transition to college when mental health is a concern

Especially since the pandemic began, conversations about mental health have become more common, so students should find a person they feel safe to talk with about their concerns.

Actor Chris Wood spearheads summit in partnership With Mental Health America

The summit was born out of findings from a recent study from Mental Health America, which Wood shares showed that young people want to get involved in mental health, but don’t know where to begin.

Mental health needs rise with pandemic

A mountain of troubling data about rising mental health problems has health advocates and providers worried about the need for additional support for struggling students and the ability of colleges to provide it.

MHA's 2022-23 Young Leaders Council members taking a selfie at Conference

alumni making waves

Student Voice of Mental Health Award winner Jose Caballero on giving young adults a platform to share their stories

As the 2023 undergraduate winner, Jose has dedicated himself to giving everyone in his community a chance to talk openly about their journeys with mental health.

Inaugural Vanderbilt Critical Psychiatry Conference spurred by student’s research interest into depressive behaviors

The event will explore critical psychiatry, a rapidly evolving field of inquiry that is committed to understanding how mental health care might be reformed.

California bill aimed at penalizing social media companies for harm to children moves forward

Sophie Szew, a first-year student at Stanford University, was present at Tuesday's committee meeting and was among the people testifying in support of this bill.

This former football player is on a mission to help student-athletes and coaches struggling with mental health issues

As a college athlete, Marcus Alston realized that there wasn’t a support network for coaches and players to deal with mental health issues. So he started one.

Alum takes his LGBTQ and mental health advocacy to the White House

Juan Acosta was one of 30 youth advocates invited to Washington, D.C., for a national forum on young Americans’ mental health.

Students push SDUSD to make mental health part of core curriculum

The students wrote a resolution and presented it to the board asking that it make mental health wellness a top priority and embed it into the curriculum.

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