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Workplace Mental Health - Toolkit Download

Thank you for downloading MHA's Workplace Mental Health Toolkit: Creating a Culture of Support and Well-being. Be sure to bookmark this webpage so you can access it in the future without having to re-enter your name and email. You can download the full toolkit or individual items. Please email Taylor Adams, Director of Workplace Mental Health, at with any questions.

Download the Full Toolkit

Full Toolkit (PDF)

Download Individual Toolkit Items (PDFs)

Toolkit Introduction & Additional Resources

Foreword by Mental Health America and Walgreens Boots Alliance

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace (Infographic)

Additional MHA Resources

Additional Partner and Collaborator Resources

Walgreens Case Study

Supportive Workplace Culture

Cultivate Supportive People Managers

11 Tips for Talking to an Employee with a Mental Health Concern (Printable 4x6 Postcard)

Understanding Stress and Burnout (Printable 4x6 Postcard)

Emotionally Intelligent Manager Do's and Don'ts (Infographic)

Develop an Employee-Driven Mental Health Strategy

Workplace Mental Health Survey Items

Example Employee-Driven Policy and Programs Changes

Develop a Mental Health Strategy with DEIB in Mind

Mental Health Training Resources

Build an Impactful Mental Health Employee Resource Group

Building the Case for Workplace Mental Health (Sample Case for Support)

2023 National Mental Health Observances

12 Tips for Planning a Wellness Event

Spread Mental Health Awareness Among Employees (Drop-in Article)

Poster with Screening URL Link & QR Code (Printable 11x17 Poster)

Postcard with Screening URL Link & QR Code (Printable 4x6 Postcard)

Benefits and Resources that Support Employee Mental Health

Providing and Educating Employees About Benefits

19 Questions to Ask Your Benefits Broker and EAP

Introducing Mental Health During New Hire Orientation

Educate Employees About Benefits that Support Mental Health (Internal Email Template)

Encourage Employees to Take Time Off (Internal Email Template)

Workplace Mental Health Solutions for Small Employers

Workplace Support for a Healthy Life-Work Blend

Granting Employees Flexibility Within Their Positions and Work Environment

Resources that Consider Social Determinants of Health

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