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April 12, 2022
2022 Mind the Workplace Report

Mental Health America’s new Mind the Workplace 2022 Report: An Employer’s Responsibility to Employee Mental Health seeks to answer the latest question on business leaders' minds: “How can employers meaningfully support employee mental health in 2022?”

Data in the report comes from the Work Health Survey, which measured the perceptions of 11,300 employees across 17 industries in the United States between October 30, 2020 – August 31, 2021. The findings reflect that positive workplace mental health requires investment (i.e., time, intention, and action) from all levels of an organization, including executive leadership, management, and employees.

Here are some major takeaways from the report: 

  • Rates of stress and distraction remain high across all workplaces.
  • Managerial support strongly correlates with employee empowerment and positive employee mental health outcomes.
  • Mental health awareness is increasing, but employee comfort levels and their likelihood of seeking out workplace resources leave room for improvement.

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