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Mental Health Resources for Caregivers

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Caregiving can often have a significant impact on the life of the caregiver in more ways than one. It can make maintaining your physical and mental health more difficult and may put a strain on work and social life. It’s important for caregivers to take care of their own mental health. Supporting caregivers with information and resources can help them maintain their mental health and better serve loved ones with mental illness. 

Guide for caregivers

In this guide, we provide resources specifically for people who care for someone who has been recently diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Review our guide for caregiving resources

Coping with caregiving stress

Find resources for when you're dealing with stress or personal challenges as a caregiver. 

Learn how to care for yourself as a caregiver

Crisis planning for caregivers

When you're in a crisis as a caregiver, it can be hard to know who to call for help. Our resources help guide you.

Find resources for crisis situations

Mental health resources for parents

Find resources for all stages of parenting and caregiving when you or your children have a mental health condition.

See parenting resources

Tools and resources for caregivers

Find some general tips and tools for those providing caregiving for others with a mental health condition. 

See more tools for caregiving

Treatment and recovery

When the person you're caregiving for is in recovery, you may need different resources and tools. 

Find treatment and recovery resources

More resources

Find additional resources for caregiving and supporting those you love.

Get additional resources

If you are a caregiver struggling with your own mental health, take a free, anonymous, and confidential screen.

Get Screened