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The L.L.Bean Feel-Good Challenge

In recognition of Mental Health Month and the feel-good benefits of time outside, L.L.Bean invites you to work together with other participants towards a combined goal of 500,000 hours outside during the month of May. L.L.Bean is donating $25,000 to Mental Health America – and will donate $50,000 if the challenge is met in May.

Since this is a combined challenge, you only need to spend the time that’s right for you, whether that’s hours or minutes. Even a small amount of time outside can make a big impact on one’s mental well-being. Through your joint efforts, you’ll raise awareness of the importance time outside has on mental health and help ensure this awareness is shared with everyone who needs it. Plus, you’ll have a wonderful time outdoors doing the things you love – or maybe even trying something new.

Check back after 4/24/2023 for details on how to sign up!


The benefits of time outside to our mental well-being are profound – but not well known. Mental Health America (MHA) is proud to join forces with outdoor retailer L.L.Bean to solve this problem, creating awareness of how spending time in nature results in greater creativity, lower stress, increased self-esteem, and reduced anxiety.

Our partnership will help reach people through community-based outdoor mental health focused programs, research, and multimedia campaigns aimed at creating connection and inclusion in the outdoors.

Interested in joining us on this journey? You can start by taking a mental health day to spend outside. And then tell everyone you know how great it made you feel.

After all, no matter where we live, there are ways we can be intentional about connecting with nature and spending time outside, such as:

  • Slow down and be present
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Seek out green space, like a park or community garden
  • Take a walk around the block with your pet, friends, or family
  • Move your workout outdoors
  • Create your own green oasis - flowers, plants, or vegetables in your home, workspace, or community
  • Find a sunny spot to read or journal
  • Look for local hiking trails, parks, or nature reserves
  • Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner al fresco
  • Encourage kids to spend time outdoors

MHA is driven by a commitment to promote mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including prevention services for all; early identification and intervention for those at risk; integrated care, services, and support for those who need them – with recovery as the goal.

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