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Youth resources for schools

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Schools are often the first place that signs of mental health issues in children and teens show up, and play a crucial role in supporting student mental well-being. These resources are designed specifically for educators to empower them to help students with their mental health and take steps to address their own.

For teachers

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding, yet stressful job. Taking care of your mental health is essential not only for your well-being but also for your effectiveness as an educator. 

Protecting your mental health

Classroom tips and tools

Learn more about creating learning spaces that have mental health in mind.

10 tips for teachers to practice social emotional learning in the classroom

Managing anxiety in the classroom

Working with parents and caregivers

Joining forces to address mental health issues in the classroom and at home maximizes positive outcomes.

Connecting teachers and families: Mental health and social and emotional supports in the remote/hybrid classroom

Teachers and parents: Working together to make distance learning work

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Supporting students

We don't always know what a students life looks like outside of school, but we can learn how to support them while they're in school.

Supporting students facing trauma

Tips for teachers: Ways to help kids and teens who struggle with emotions or behavior

Social belonging and confidence

Take a closer look

How trauma impacts school performance

Bullying and safety

Everyone should be able to feel safe in school. This information can help you talk to your child about school safety and bullying.

Bullying and LGBT youth

Safety at school

Talking to kids about school safety