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Mental Health Month 2015 - Toolkit Download

Thank you for submitting your information and for conducting outreach activities for May is Mental Health Month. Be sure to bookmark this webpage so you can access it in the future without having to re-enter your contact information.  

If you are a Mental Health America Affiliate

Login to the Affiliate Only Website and check out the Education and Outreach section to download exclusive materials!  Forget your login information?  Contact Valerie Sterns

You can download the various components of the May is Mental Health Month toolkit below. These materials have been designed for desktop printing. If you need files that can be sent to a professional printer, please email Danielle Fritze, Director of Public Education.

Full Toolkit

Download the full toolkit in a zipped folder or a packet of materials as a PDF.

For information en español, download the zipped folder or the packet of materials as a PDF.

For older adults materials, download the packet of materials as a PDF.

To unzip a folder, locate the zipped (or compressed) folder that you want to get the files from. You can either open the compressed folder and drag each item to a new location, OR you can right click the folder and select "Extract All.." and choose a location, like on your network or desktop. 


Foreword and Introduction (PDF)

Outreach Ideas (PDF)


Fact Sheets and Handouts

B4Stage4: Changing the Way We Think About Mental Health (PDF)  AntesdelaEtapa4: Cambiando la manera en que pensamos acerca de la salud mental (PDF)
B4Stage4: Get Informed (PDF) AntesdelaEtapa4: Infórmese (PDF)
B4Stage4: Get Screened (PDF) AntesdelaEtapa4: Realice una prueba de salud mental (PDF)
B4Stage4: Get Help (PDF) AntesdelaEtapa4: Obtenga ayuda (PDF)
B4Stage4: Where to Get Help Decision Map (PDF) AntesdelaEtapa4: Donde recibir ayuda (PDF)
May is Mental Health Month Calendar/Poster (PDF) Calendario Mes de la Salud Mental (PDF)
Depression in Older Adults (PDF)  
Anxiety in Older Adults (PDF)  
Suicide Prevention in Older Adults (PDF)  

Media Outreach Materials

Key Messages (PDF)

Sample Press Release (PDF)

Drop-In Article (PDF)

Radio PSA Scripts (PDF)

2015 May is Mental Health Month Sample Mayoral Proclamation (PDF) (Word)

Advocacy Materials

Tips for Advocates and Sample Letter to Policymakers (PDF)

Social Media 

Sample Tweets (PDF)

Sample Facebook Posts (PDF)

Images For Social Media and the Web

Download the images by clicking the link to the left of the picture. Once the image has appeared in a
new window, right click and select "Save image as."   

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Infographic - B4Stage4: Changing the Way we Think About Mental Health  Visit the link to preview the material.


The 2015 May is Mental Health Month Toolkit has been supported with contributions from: