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Caregiver Basics

one pair of hands holds the hand of another person in between theirs

General Caregiver Basics

Being an effective caregiver
How to help someone get motivated
Caregiving for a person with a mental illness
What to do when they don't want help
Challenges & solutions for mental health caregivers
Will talking about someone's delusions make them sicker?

Family & Friends Caregiver Resources

For family & friends
November is National Family Caregivers Month
Mental illness & the family: Recognizing warning signs & how to cope
Friends & family information & support
Can I use my PTO to take care of a sick family member?

Providing General Support to Loved Ones

7 tips for talking to a loved one about their mental health
Someone I care about is harming themselves
How can I help a loved one with bipolar?
I think someone I care about has a mental illness
How can I help a loved one with a mental illness?
How can I help a loved one with PTSD?
Supporting others: How do I help someone? [PODCAST]
How can I help a loved one with anxiety?

Caregiver Identity Resources

Caregiver identity & mental health [VIDEO]
Caregiving in BIPOC communities