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Peer Partners Mini-Webinars


Peer Partners Mini-Webinars

Making friends and finding community are some of the most important parts of mental health and well-being. Mental Health America’s Peer Partners program is an excellent way to help people make friends and meet their social goals. We designed our program to help equip peers with the tools needed to support others in meeting their social goals using support groups. Our free, easy-to-implement program, combines the strengths of peer support, psychiatric rehabilitation, and self-directed care. An added benefit of our program is that mental health organizations can increase the availability of peer support within their community. 

After completing the training, peers will be able to run a low-cost, high-impact program that increases social connectedness for program participants. Take this training if you want to learn more about the Peer Partners program. After this program, you will be able to start a Peer Partners group in your community.  

This training program consists of 9 short 5-10 minute videos along with our training materials. You can take this at your own pace and it would take about 60 minutes to complete. This program is for you if you want tools to better run peer support groups and help others build community. If you are a person or organization that cares about supporting others in developing authentic connections that help them thrive take our Peer Partners program. Please send any questions or feedback to Kat McIntosh at or Patrick Hendry at