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Mental Health Month

Since 1949, Mental Health America and our affiliates across the country have observed May is Mental Health Month by reaching out to millions of people through the media, local events, and screenings. We invite other organizations to join us in spreading the word that mental health is something everyone should care about by using the May is Mental Health Month toolkit materials and conducting awareness activities.

MHA’s 2023 Mental Health Month campaign will focus on the way our neighborhoods and built environments – our physical surroundings – impact both individual and population mental health. We will cover:

  • What is a mentally healthy and safe space?
  • How can I change my surroundings to support my mental health?
  • What if I can’t control or change something unhealthy about my surroundings?
  • What do advocates and community organizers need to know about how healthy and unhealthy public spaces relate to overall community mental health?

The 2023 toolkit will explore these questions within the primary settings that people spend their time in:

  • Home and living space
  • Neighborhood and town
  • Outdoors and nature

The 2023 Mental Health Month Toolkit will be released the third week of March.

It will include media and social media resources, printable informational handouts, posters, and DIY tools. To receive an email when materials are released, please join our email list.

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