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Mental Health Month 2021 - Toolkit Download

Thank you for submitting your information and for conducting outreach activities for May is Mental Health Month. Be sure to bookmark this webpage so you can access it in the future without having to re-enter your contact information.

You can download the various components of the May is Mental Health Month toolkit below. These materials have been designed for desktop printing. If you have questions, please email Emily Skehill, Program Manager of Public Education and Awareness.

Full Toolkit 

Full Toolkit (PDF)

Full Toolkit Zip (zip file - images included)

To unzip a folder, locate the zipped (or compressed) folder that you want to get the files from. You can either open the compressed folder and drag each item to a new location, OR you can right click the folder and select "Extract All.." and choose a location, like on your network or desktop.

Individual Items

Media Materials

Foreword/Introduction (PDF)

Outreach Ideas (PDF)

Key Messages (PDF)

Drop-In Article (PDF)

May is Mental Health Month Sample Proclamation (PDF)

Additional Resources (PDF)


Tools2Thrive: FACT SHEET Accepting Reality (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: FACT SHEET Adapting After Trauma and Stress (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: FACT SHEET Dealing with Anger and Frustration (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: FACT SHEET Getting Out of Thinking Traps (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: FACT SHEET Processing Big Changes (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: FACT SHEET Taking Time for Yourself (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: WORKSHEET Dealing With Change (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: WORKSHEET Dealing with the Worst-Case Scenario (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: WORKSHEET Managing Frustration and Anger (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: WORKSHEET Practicing Radical Acceptance (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: WORKSHEET Prioritizing Self-Care (PDF)

Tools2Thrive: WORKSHEET Processing Trauma and Stress (PDF)

MHM 2021 POSTER Tools2Thrive (PDF) Meant to be printed 11 x 17 paper

MHM 2021 POSTER Screening (PDF) Meant to be printed 11 x 17 paper

Social Media Materials

Sample Social Media Posts (PDF)

Download Social Media Graphics, Web Banners, and Call to Action Buttons (Google Drive)

Download Images (zip file)


 This campaign is supported by contributions from Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.