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Text saying "Announcing Peer Partners Grant Recipients" highlighting MHA logos.

By Kat McIntosh, Manager of Global Peer Support at Mental Health America

For the third year, Mental Health America (MHA) and the Center for Peer Support (CPS), announces our Peer Partners grant recipients. Congratulations go out to our affiliates Mental Health America of Dutchess County and Mental Health America of Fredericksburg on being this year’s recipients of a Peer Partners grant.

MHA’s Peer Partners program helps those struggling with some of the biggest challenges that face us today -- isolation and social exclusion. In our pilot program, 61% of the participants wanted one thing -- to make friends. The goal of Peer Partners is to help build networks of friends and close relationships. Each recipient will receive a $5000 grant to implement a Peer Partners program in their community as well as technical support from MHA National. 

  • Mental Health America of Dutchess County -  Mental Health America of Dutchess County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure nobody gets left behind in the community due to a lack of mental health services. Their staff and volunteers work day and night to strengthen families, overcome fear, help people dealing with anxiety, link individuals to the supports they need, provide safe spaces to heal, break down stigma, and much, much more.
  • Mental Health America of Fredericksburg - Mental Health America of Fredericksburg improves people’s mental health and wellness through education, advocacy, and supportive services. MHAF envisions a just, humane, and healthy society in which all people are accorded respect, dignity, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free of stigma and prejudice.

Visit to learn more about our Peer Partners program.