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Silver Bell Workplace Seal Recipients


“Our people serve an underserved population that statistically has not (or could not) taken care of their mental health needs – we provide mental health treatment for people who are self-medicating with drugs or not receiving regular mental health care, which causes them to end up in jail.”

“The Ashland Way calls for each of our solvers around the globe to respect, protect, and advance the people we work with, companies we serve, shareholders who invest in our future, communities we’re a part of, and the planet we share. Our vision is to continue educating about drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness for employees and their families at all Ashland sites.”

“Workplace mental health is important to us because it encompasses all we stand for at Atlanta Treatment Center. As mental health advocates, we strive to break the stigma surrounding MH, and what better place to start from than 'home.'”

“As a higher education institution for behavioral health, we must uphold a strong mental health workplace with a variety of support and opportunities because we are then promoting what we are teaching. In addition, our staff is amazing, and we need to protect them at all costs, and that includes their mental well-being.”

“Healthy professionals are better professionals. We want to foster a workplace culture that promotes wellness. When a professional is struggling, we want that person to know that they are important and that we care.”

“As a mental health service provider, Impact is honored to achieve recognition for working to improve the mental health of both our participants and employees.”

“We pride ourselves in bringing forth conversations, culture, and initiatives surrounding employee and board mental wellness. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow our mental health culture.”

“We take steps to support the mental health and well-being of our employees and volunteers as they work hard to meet the mental health needs of people across the state of Minnesota.”

“We have a moral obligation as an employer and industry leader to provide a culture around Total Employee Health. This occurs when we elevate mental health to a level equal to physical health.”