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Silver Bell Workplace Seal Recipients


“Array is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a diversity, equity, and inclusion culture. We’re building a happier, healthier, and more supported workforce, encouraging employees to bring their full, unique selves to work daily. Being recognized for this Bell Seal certification is an honor, and we are proud to know that the work we are doing not only makes a difference in mental health care but is also making a difference in the lives of our amazing team.”

“The City of Clearwater is thrilled to be awarded the Bell Seal certification. We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health; we value our employees and do our best to provide them with the highest level of support. The Bell Seal certification shows the City’s dedication to providing our employees with mental health support and education.”

“As a higher education institution for behavioral health, we must uphold a strong, mentally healthy workplace with various support and opportunities because we promote what we teach. In addition, our staff is amazing, and we must protect them at all costs, including their mental well-being.”

“At EverService, we prioritize mental health across all our business divisions, with a special focus on our employees' well-being. Our DEI committee has identified employee mental health as our primary focus for 2023. We recognize that remote work can pose additional challenges to mental health, especially with 90% of our employees working from home. We strive to maintain a constant awareness of mental health and wellness and implement strategic changes to foster a positive work environment.”

“Supporting our team’s mental health, emotional health, and well-being is at the forefront of Green Spoon’s ethos. Receiving the silver Bell Seal is an exciting step in our ongoing journey and commitment to offer employees the benefits, growth opportunities, and work-life balance, beyond ethical standards and health-conscious leadership needed to thrive personally and professionally.”

“We are honored to receive recognition for our efforts toward making a meaningful and measurable impact on our organization’s culture & mental health practices.”

“Bell Seal certification acknowledges the thoughtful and deliberate work that our dedicated behavioral healthcare team members do daily to maintain a safe and therapeutic environment where our employees and patients can flourish through interpersonal growth and recovery.”

“Emphasizing health and wellness has been a hallmark of our family business. We have prioritized mental health for several years, and applying for the Bell Seal signifies our commitment to progress. Aiming for a workplace culture where mental health topics are openly and honestly addressed is something we will keep focusing on.”

“We are honored to receive the Bell Seal Certification recognizing our commitment to each of our team member's health, mental health and wellbeing. Our investment in our team and culture makes the MHA of East Tennessee a place for all to shine.”

“MHA Lakeshore is honored to be designated with the Bell Seal certification from Mental Health America. This certification allows us to showcase and demonstrate the importance of workplace mental wellness through our policy, programming, and board relations. Utilizing this platform allows us to set an example for the workplaces in our communities, supporting their mental wellness culture.”

“Leading by example is the litmus of any mental health organization. Sandwiching our employees with care is a top priority for our leadership team as we strive for excellence in service delivery for the communities we serve. Applying for and receiving the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health is validation that our efforts are making a difference for those helping others.”

“Receiving the Bell Seal certification puts us on the map to say we optically and internally value what mental health means to our organization and holds us accountable to walk the talk.”

“Walking the talk regarding mental health is essential to our mission. Providing our people with the benefits and resources they need to live balanced lives empowers us to be better equipped to help others. Achieving MHA’s Bell Seal certification is a huge honor.”

“As a behavioral health organization, we highly value our employees' mental health and are gratified to receive this recognition. This certification encourages us to continue to support our staff's wellness and our agency's work culture.”

“Opal is proud to obtain the 2023 Bell Seal certification, as it represents the importance of creating a safe and supportive workplace for all our employees.”

“Being in the restaurant industry, where mental health issues are some of the highest, this Bell Seal certification means a lot to us. We pride ourselves in caring for our team members, and understanding their mental health has allowed us to prioritize them. As a growing company, we hope to continue our journey through understanding mental health and building on a foundation that will allow us to continue to care for our team members.”

“Receiving the Bell Seal certification represents the importance of making our people and their overall well-being one of our top priorities.”

“The Family Place is proud to receive a Bell Seal certification. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive culture for our employees. We believe offering physical and mental wellness support is key to caring for our employees. We strive to ensure all employees have a good work-life balance and can access needed support and services for mental health care.”

“As an employer whose business is to care for others through the programs we provide, it is equally important that we work hard to care for our staff. We are excited to receive the MHA Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health and look forward to continually improving our efforts to make this a place where staff feels valued and supported.”

Recipients without logos

  • The Ecumenical Center