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Platinum Bell Workplace Seal Recipients


“At abrdn, we are passionate about our colleagues’ well-being and have long recognized the vital importance and role of mental health advocacy, resources, and support in our actions. As these priorities continue to grow in stature and visibility rightly, abrdn has sought to educate, engage, make thoughtful decisions and invest in mental health as a central part of our colleague experience -- with a combination of supportive features, leadership from our Capability colleagues network, and a broader culture around mental health that is novel, caring, connected, and most importantly, impactful.”

“As a company with a long history of supporting people affected by serious mental illness and addiction, mental health is woven into the very fabric of who we are as an organization. We believe that by investing in and implementing policies and practices that aim to support our employees’ physical and mental well-being, we can create a safe, healthy, and supportive environment where everyone can thrive."

“We are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive environment and company culture for all our employees. Prioritizing mental wellness at AMS strengthens both our valued employees and our organization as a whole."

“We are honored to receive the Platinum Bell Seal to demonstrate our commitment to our employees and their overall well-being. We are dedicated to operating an open, supportive, and inclusive workplace in which employees know it’s ‘ok to not to be ok.’”

“Behavioral health is all we do at Beacon Health Options. We’re honored to be recognized for living our values and helping our employees live their lives to the fullest. At Beacon, we have a long-standing dedication to the emotional well-being of our employees. In return, we enable our employees to thrive, which helps us thrive as an organization.”

“In addition to traditional programming, opportunities to engage, like our employee-led employee business resource groups, are a great example of how our associates provide peer support. These groups are key for employees seeking a network structured around non-majority dimensions of diversity, allowing them to bridge gaps and address inequities.”

“In 2020, our number one priority for our people and their families was to destigmatize mental health and create an environment where people were more comfortable talking about their emotional, psychological, and social well-being and seeking the care they needed. ”

“As a peer-run advocacy agency and longtime provider of mental health services, Cal Voices takes its responsibility to foster workplace mental health seriously. We genuinely understand the impacts one’s workplace can have on their mental health and know that a compassionate employer can make all the difference when someone is struggling."

“At Cengage Group, we value bringing our authentic selves to work, and our mental health is an important component of that. Having navigated the challenges COVID brought, we understand that our workplace can play an important role in supporting and affirming employees’ mental health."

“Our team members are our top priority, and this certification lets us know we are holding ourselves to the highest standard of their well-being."

“As a community mental health center, Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. strives to provide its consumers the highest quality mental health services. The mental health and overall wellness of its staff members are equally important. The staff deserves a work environment that provides training, tools, and resources for their mental health to be in a well-balanced place to provide services to others."

“At DFW Airport, we believe taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. We want to remove the stigma associated with emotional health by encouraging our employees and their families to take advantage of the emotional well-being benefits and resources available through our employee assistance program – Safe Landings.”

“EAB is proud to have been platinum-certified by MHA as it recognizes our commitment to bolstering the health and wellness of our employees. We work hard to create a culture where employees feel safe seeking support for any issue that might impact their ability to bring their full selves to work each day.”

“Edward-Elmhurst Health is proud to be recognized as Platinum-certified for MHA’s Bell Seal award. When we keep our staff physically, mentally, and financially healthy, they are less stressed, more engaged, and more productive, allowing us to advance healthcare in our communities.”

“Achieving the Platinum Bell Seal Certification demonstrates FTI’s commitment to transforming the workplace environment into supportive, healthy spaces where team members can thrive. This is an incredible testament to our Culture of Care, where whole-person health and safety is at the forefront of all we do.”

“Everyone’s wellness journey is always different with each individual, but mental health trumps all because it’s hard to focus on your other goals if you aren’t in a good place. Opening up the conversation to mental health within our organization has been wonderful to see and gear away from the stigma around it, too.”

“The Platinum Bell Seal Certification is a declaration of Harris’ success and commitment to placing Mental Health wellness as part of our business culture. We believe this allows our employees to bring the best version of themselves to work each day.”

“It is imperative that [Harrison County Home and Public Health] supports our workers and diligently works to create a culture that prevents burnout and job dissatisfaction. An investment in employee mental health is an investment in the success of our agency and achieving the Platinum level of the Bell Seal shows our commitment to that investment.”

“We understand that, as an organization, we must work tirelessly to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and that it is our responsibility to provide programs, resources, and benefits that promote and support the well-being of our colleagues. ”

“We are honored to be recognized by MHA for our work to create a healthy work environment that supports employee well-being. Employees who are treated with consideration for their personal, professional, and family needs and encouraged to be their best selves are more likely to be loyal to the organization and work to a high standard of quality and productivity.”

“Our overarching goal was to review all we are currently doing and get helpful ideas on improving moving forward. We found the process thorough, fair, and incredibly insightful since Mental Health America is truly the expert. We plan to continue efforts organizationally and with the larger community to focus on mental health and wellness for people living with a bleeding disorder.”

“At Independent Health, we recognize mental health, just like physical health, is critical of an individual’s overall health and well-being. As such, we are deeply committed to treating the whole person. We take pride in helping our associates, members, and employers recognize the signs, understand what people are dealing with, and respond appropriately to support their mental health.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic, social justice issues, and recent troubling events overseas, to name a few, have had a profound impact on the mental health of people of all ages. Championing workplace mental health is an evolving journey. However, investing in our employee’s well-being remains a firm commitment for KCU.”

“Health is holistic—we know there is no health without mental health. With support from our leadership team and input from our colleagues, we are continuing to build a mentally healthy workplace and a culture of well-being at Kearney.”

“We will continue to uphold the standards set forth by the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health and are committed to continually striving for the best for our employees. An investment in employee mental health is an investment in the organization’s success and the families we serve.”

“As a provider of mental health services in our community for more than 75 years, we have long fostered emotional and mental well-being among those we serve. We recognize that “caring for the caregiver” is crucial to our work, and we continually explore and introduce additional benefits, opportunities for connection with each other, and innovative ways in which we can support our staff.”

“National Life’s vision is to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch. That includes our teammates. Our people are our special sauce, and to help them take care of our customers through emotional times, we need to take care of their mental and physical health.”

“Just as we care for our physical health, it is essential that we also prioritize our mental health—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—because we believe when our minds are healthy and strong, we are more resilient to life’s challenges, able to use healthy coping methods, have better relationships and maintain our overall health and well-being.”

“NYPCC partners with our internal wellness captains to help promote the idea that mental health and physical health go hand in hand by promoting wellness events throughout the year, such as self-care classes, fitness events, cooking classes, creative workshops, and many more.”

“Achieving Bell Seal Platinum certification affirms the commitment and mission of our Wellness Committee, which is that 'our staff’s wellness is our well-being.' As a behavioral health organization, we place a high value on our own staff’s mental health and are gratified to receive this recognition.”

“As a health care solutions company, health is at the forefront of what we do, which starts with our people. We are committed to providing resources, benefits, and a work culture that support our associates’ overall well-being, including their physical, social, and mental health.”

“The mental well-being of all employees is a top priority at NYU Langone Health. We’re incredibly proud to receive the Platinum Seal Certification as a testament to our commitment to fostering resiliency & holistic well-being in our workplace.”

“Optum is honored by this recognition for supporting our employees’ and their families’ mental health and well-being. We are working to make the mental and behavioral health system better for everyone.”

“The well-being of our employees has never been more vital than in our present time and situation. We will continue to advance our efforts to ensure all employees have resources to support their well-being which ultimately benefits our students.”

“Pure Dental Brands feels strongly about offering our teams and their families mental health support, education, and resources. We believe consistent education to reduce the stigma of mental health issues will lead to a healthy workplace. Through our robust in-house wellness program, we commit dollars towards the topic every year.”

“We strive to promote the physical well-being of our employees and their mental well-being. Through our employee support program, Well in Mind, we provide mental health support for our staff so they can continue providing outstanding patient care.”

“At Simply Business, the mental health of our employees has always been a primary focus for us. We believe strongly in the programs we’ve put in place to help support our employees and continue to improve upon them based on employee feedback.”

“Over the past few years, we have tried redefining and examining employee wellness with a virtual and distributed workforce, which shows we are in alignment with the benefits, resources, and culture needed to create and sustain a positive employee experience.”

“Teva values workplace mental health as an essential aspect of overall employee health, and we strive to provide a safe environment for our employees continually.”

“TIAA is proud to support associates and every aspect of their wellness. We know safe, secure associates are the best bale to care for clients from physical and financial health to emotional and mental well-being.”

“Receiving the Bell Seal for The Village of Wellington shows that our wellness program and focus on mental health have positively impacted all employees. Recognizing that wellness and mental health may look different for each staff member.”

“The well-being of our people is of paramount importance, and we strive to maintain and continuously build upon an environment that allows all of our employees to thrive and reach their maximum potential, both personally and professionally.”

“Yahoo is committed to normalizing mental health and creating and sustaining a workplace where every employee feels accepted, supported, and seen. As an employer, we are responsible for eliminating the stigma around mental health by providing support, resources, benefits, and education on mental well-being.”

Recipients without logos

  • King County
  • Land of Goshen Treatment Center
  • Sharp HealthCare
  • The Ecumenical Center