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Gold Bell Workplace Seal Recipients


“Receiving the Bell Seal award for the second year is an amazing accomplishment for our agency. Our mission is to be the most employee-centered agency. Focusing on our employees’ well-being makes us proud to be a repeat award recipient.”

“American Queen Voyages is committed to creating a workplace that prioritizes mental health. Receiving the Bell Seal certification reaffirms our mission to create amazing experiences where discovery runs deep."

“Our workforce’s well-being is key to fulfilling our scientific mission for our nation. We’re honored to be recognized as a supportive workplace for good mental health."

“Our employees are a priority. We are grateful for the Bell Seal certification, which echoes our commitment to building a culture of belonging and a mentally healthy workplace."

“Bon Secours Mercy Health is honored to receive the gold Bell Seal award. Our ministry strives to provide world class mental health and well-being benefits for associates by ensuring all aspects of human flourishing is provided in robust and accessible ways.”

“At Brii Biosciences, we believe that an investment in our people is an investment in our future. With competitive benefits, robust learning and development, flexible work-life balance, and a purpose-driven work environment, we are committed to building a culture that not only supports employees' health and well-being, but empowers our people to create positive change both in and out of the workplace.”

“At Brinker, we believe mental health is a critical component of overall health and well-being. Not only do our Team Members need our support, but we also owe it to them and want to meet their needs. While we know we have more work to do, we will continue to support the cause and provide resources to our entire workforce.”

“In 2020, our priority for our people and their families was to destigmatize mental health and create an environment where people were more comfortable talking about their emotional, psychological, and social well-being and seeking the care they needed.”

“We are honored to receive the Bell Seal certification because it affirms our efforts to foster a People First culture where individuals, teams, and our organization will grow and thrive.”

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Mental Health America for our efforts to build a work environment that supports the mental well-being of our team. While the Bell Seal certification validates our commitment to destigmatizing mental illness — both at work and home — there remains so much more work to accomplish to build a stigma-free Fishers, and we remain steadfast in those efforts.”

“The City's wellness programs allow individuals to come together across all departments and levels of expertise and inspire them to achieve their health, wellness, financial, and spiritual goals. Receiving the Bell Seal Certification exemplifies the City's mission and values as it relates to a healthy workforce and strives to promote employee engagement and inclusivity.”

“Receiving the Bell Seal Certification is an affirmation that we as an organization are focusing efforts in the right ways to improve the organization’s workplace mental health. Improving the environment for our teams so they feel supported and motivated allows us all to engage our community better and provide the anti-poverty help we are passionate about.”

“We are so pleased to receive this honor. As a mental health provider, being recognized for caring for our employees and members is very special.”

“Workplace stress is prominent, and stigma is real. Ensuring that our staff is supported positively impacts the individuals we serve, the company culture, and the employee's whole life. We promote self-care consistently, and our staff feel welcome, safe, and heard, and, in return, we have an amazing and dedicated team!”

“Friend Health is committed to employee mental health and believes the organization is responsible for providing a safe and supportive work environment where employees can thrive. Our goal is to actively prevent mental health problems, support struggling employees, and create a culture of understanding and compassion. The Bell Seal certification helps us to showcase this commitment.”

“Our competitive and mental health-friendly benefit portfolio, commitment to work-life balance, and employee growth and development opportunities are just a few of the areas contributing to our award. We are especially proud to achieve gold on Gannett’s first application for this recognition. It reinforces our focus on mental health as a key indicator of overall employee well-being and highlights Gannett’s ongoing commitment to inclusion in the workplace.”

“We are honored to receive the Gold Bell Seal. We hope that it reflects our passion and commitment to supporting our employee’s mental health. Our organization will continue to strive to improve mental health stigma, education, and resources. Mental health is a “hot topic” at Hot Topic.”

“At Hyperproof, our people are everything. They are fiercely committed to our company, customers, and mission. And we are fiercely committed to them. We know our work is hard, and our people have lives beyond their roles at Hyperproof. Our responsibility is to look after them, provide for them and support them in and out of work. We demonstrate that through our collaborative and transparent culture and continuous investment in the resources our people need most.”

“Our mission is helping people live their own best lives. We do so by providing integrated whole-person healthcare across the lifespan. We can only be successful if our friends, colleagues, entire workforce, and their families are similarly living their best lives. Bell Seal certification provides a comprehensive framework for workplace mental wellness and a more deliberate path to our continuous development and improvement.”

“The Kroger Family of Companies is committed to creating a respectful and caring environment where our associates can thrive. This recognition symbolizes our efforts to support our associates’ overall well-being, including their mental, physical, and financial health.”

“Mascaro is proud to receive the MHA Bell Seal certification as it places a stamp on our company’s culture, care, and dedication towards cultivating a mentally safe and healthy workplace environment!”

“We appreciate the recognition for what we already have done to support our employees and look forward to what we can still accomplish. Receiving the Bell Seal certification helps support our desire to be a great employer.”

“Supporting the well-being of our team is a core pillar of who we are as a company. Receiving Bell Seal certification is an incredible recognition of our efforts so far, as we've poured much of our hearts into developing holistic programming and resources. At the same time, it's also great motivation to keep listening, learning, evolving, and nurturing a culture where mental health is a priority.”

“We strive to be one of the best employers in the Bay Area. The Bell Seal, albeit gold, confirms that we’re on the right track. Bell Seal also gives us a rubric for platinum, which is entirely in our future.”

“Receiving the MHA Bell Seal is a great recognition we are very proud of. Mental well-being in the workplace is no longer a luxury but a responsibility for employers, and we are proud to support and continue to grow in this field.”

“MSU Federal Credit Union is honored to receive the Bell Seal certification. We prioritize our employees’ well-being through benefits, wellness activities, and inclusive culture. This recognition shows how we support and encourage our employees, allowing them to bring their best selves to work.”

“MyAdvisor’s mission coordinates care where it matters most, prioritizing mental health and wellness in our work. We are honored to strengthen that mission with healthy mental health workplaces for our team.”

“At NSC, we value our staff greatly. Working with trauma survivors is heart-led work, and it is critical to address staff well-being to ensure the wellness of each individual and the agency as a whole. We have invested a great deal over the last five years in improving staff wellness opportunities, so receiving this certification is incredibly meaningful as a reflection of our efforts.”

“Achieving Bell Seal certification affirms the commitment and mission of our Wellness Committee, which is that ‘our staff’s wellness is our well-being.’ As a behavioral health organization, we value our staff’s mental health highly and are gratified to receive this recognition.”

“This certification is a testament to the fact that NICC places value on its people. We can better serve and educate our students and customers when our employees prioritize their physical and mental health needs first.”

“We can’t transform the young lives in our custody without our staff being the best they can be each day, a tough task in our line of work. The Bell Seal gold certification demonstrates our commitment to these remarkable public servants and those considering a career with our agency. Simply put, it tells our staff, ‘We care; we’re invested in your wellness.’”

“Receiving a national certification of gold for the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health validates Palm Beach County government’s commitment to mental health awareness and support in the workplace. It encourages us to continue to pursue initiatives and programs that benefit the work culture of Palm Beach County and the mental well-being of all employees, enabling our employees to provide the best services to the residents of Palm Beach County.”

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized as an organization that strives to create an environment supportive of the mental health of our employees.”

“PermiaCare is honored to receive the Bell Seal for improving our employees’ mental health and well-being. PermiaCare has focused on having a quality workplace with quality benefits to remain competitive during challenging times for workforce recruitment. Achieving the gold standard for the Bell Seal shows future candidates and employees that these are not just objectives but realities at PermiaCare.”

“Provident Behavioral Health’s mission is to provide exceptional behavioral health care to all – and we have been serving our community for over 160 years. We are so proud to be a Gold Bell recipient because we know we are extending this care to our employees, supporting their mental well-being as we recognize and celebrate their uniqueness.”

“Sanford Health is honored to be recognized by Mental Health America for the value we place in supporting our employees. The well-being of our staff and caregivers affects the entire health system, leads to better patient care, better quality outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and better retention and recruitment.”

“SERV strives to provide comprehensive care for the dedicated professionals who work with the individuals we serve, especially regarding their mental health and physical well-being. Earning the Bell Seal is a wonderful affirmation that we are on the right track to meeting our goals.”

“Every day at SCA Health, we strive to create a safe, inclusive, and diverse culture where teammates can bring their whole, authentic selves to work and feel supported by their colleagues and leaders. As part of our larger Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging efforts, we have a Teammate Resource Group (TRG), called the Stigma Free TRG that focuses specifically on mental health. This group works tirelessly to bring understanding and awareness to all of our teammates impacted by mental health or substance use disorders to help them feel understood and supported.”

“Our mission has always been to prioritize not only the physical health of our employees but their mental health as well. Receiving this would reinforce the culture we are implementing.”

“We are honored to be recognized for elevating workplace standards and practices that enable mental health and well-being.”

“Achieving the gold Bell Seal Workplace certification highlights that for over 135 years, Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute has endeavored to deliver comprehensive mental health services for those entrusted to our care while developing a workplace environment that fosters respect, dignity, and a commitment to our staff.”

“We are honored to be the recipient of this prestigious recognition. This process has provided us the self-transparency to be reflective on areas of growth related to our own employee’s mental health. For this experience, we are thankful.”

“As an organization focused on supporting our associates as both people and professionals, the Bell Seal certification showcases our commitment and progress in achieving this goal.”

“As an employer and industry leader, we have a moral obligation to provide a culture around Total Employee Health. This occurs when we elevate mental health to a level equal to physical health.”

“Our office can provide programming, resources, and education around culture and belonging to our faculty and staff.”

“Walgreens is extremely proud to receive the Bell Seal gold recognition as we continue to invest in supporting our team members’ physical and mental well-being. Our brand purpose is to create more joyful lives through better health. And our commitment to mental health and caring for our team members as whole people – supporting their well-being inclusive of mind, body, and spirit – is an integral part of that vision.”

Recipients without logos

  • Cottage Health
  • Stanford Medicine Children's Health
    • “We are profoundly grateful to be recognized for Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s commitment to creating a healthy work environment for our team members. As many of us experienced personal and professional stresses brought on by the pandemic, our investment in employee-centered mental health and well-being programs was paramount to prioritizing health and wellness.”