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Bronze Bell Workplace Seal Recipients


“Our people serve an underserved population that statistically has not (or could not) taken care of their mental health needs – we provide mental health treatment for people who are self-medicating with drugs or not receiving regular mental health care, which causes them to end up in jail.”

“Self-care matters! Mental Health matters at Afiri Consulting International.”

“Workplace mental health is important because it encompasses all we stand for. As mental health advocates, we strive to break the stigma surrounding mental health, and what better place to start than at home? Receiving the Bell Seal allows us to ensure that we are accountable and leading with action. We hope that it will also encourage others in the field to provide quality care in their workplace.”

“The Bell Seal is the first certification our agency has received. It indicates our growth, desire for best practices, and desire to educate ourselves and our area while providing grassroots feedback from Northern Michigan.”

“To our City, this certification means we care about one another. We support each other’s needs, and everyone within our City matters.”

“As a Mental Health organization, we value and prioritize mental health. We understand how mental health can impact our employees. We are committed to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace. The Bronze Bell Seal signifies our commitment to optimal mental health well-being.”

“Healthy professionals are better professionals. We want to foster a workplace culture that promotes wellness. When a professional struggles, we want that person to know they are important and that we care.”

“It’s an affirmation that the steps the company is taking to support mental health awareness are correct.”

“We are proud to be acknowledged for providing mental health support to our team and clients.”