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Back to School

Back to School

Adolescence is already a confusing time without added concerns about social media, safety in schools, staying healthy, family financial security, and loss of loved ones—so we shouldn't be surprised that the rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, and other mental health conditions are on the rise.

This year, Mental Health America Recognizes with our 2022 Back to School Toolkit that our youth are having "All the Feels" as they enter the new school year. These resources look at the issues young people face that are having an impact on their mental health and offer tips on how to deal with these issues and the resulting emotions. The MHA toolkit can also help parents and school personnel better understand the issues, such as the effects of social media on youth mental health and how to be supportive. 

The 2022 Back to School Toolkit will be available the week of August 22nd. Want to be notified when it comes out? Sign up for our email list.



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Back to School Toolkit Now Available in Spanish!

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(Download the Spanish Back to School Toolkit)

This campaign is supported by contributions from Revlon, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., and Sutter Health.

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Materials from previous Back To School Toolkits can still be accessed through our website.