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Back To School 2021 - Toolkit Download

You can download the various components of the Back to School toolkit below. If you have any questions/concerns about the toolkit, please email Danielle Fritze, Associate Vice President of Public Education and Design.

Full Toolkit

Full Toolkit (PDF)

Individual Fact Sheets/Worksheets

FACT SHEET: How Trauma Impacts School Performance (PDF)

FACT SHEET: Safety at School: Physical and Emotional (PDF)

FACT SHEET: Supporting Students at Home (PDF)

FACT SHEET: Supporting Students Facing Trauma (PDF)

FACT SHEET: When Home Life is Hard: Understanding Abuse (PDF)

WORKSHEET: Feeling Safe (PDF)

WORKSHEET: Preparing to Share (PDF)


Posters (PDF)

Social Media Materials

Graphics (Google Drive)

Graphics (ZIP file)

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 This campaign is supported by contributions from Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., and Sutter Health.