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How a Video Game Could Change the Way We Think About Mental Health

Media:messaging:mental health portrayal:video games:psychosis

By Jennifer Cheang, MHA National Digital Marketing Manager, and Sachin Doshi, MHA National Director of Development

Photo Credit: Ninja Theory

Warning: Some major plot spoilers below, as well as sensitive…

For Better Mental Health, Experience the Pet Effect

the pet effect:the human animal bond research institute:pets:mental health:mental wellness

By Steven Feldman, Executive Director, The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI)

MHA Staff and their Furry Friends

Living in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world can be tough…

Here’s What We’re Telling the New ISMICC It Must Do


By Paul Gionfriddo, MHA National President & CEO, and Nathaniel Counts, MHA National Senior Policy Director

The Interagency Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee (ISMICC) is a new change agent for mental health reform that was established by the…