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I am of the Towering House clan (Kinyaa’32nii dine’4) born for the Water Flowing Together clan (T0’aheedl7inii dine’4). My maternal grandparents are of the Big Water clan (T0tsohnii dine’4) and my paternal grandparents are of the Irish people (D1ghaa[ch77 dine’4). I am originally from a small place on the Navajo reservation called Black Rock, AZ.

I have been in training majority of my life in the areas of Din4 traditional healing and Din4 traditional counseling ceremonies. These ceremonies are identified as the five-day male lightning way ceremony, the blessing way ceremony, and the nine- night blessing way ceremony. My training involved a comprehensive intellectual thinking and a sophisticated pattern of learning. I developed a great memory, which was the skill to comprehending majority of the Din4 stories, philosophies, prayers, and songs. As of today, I received a Navajo Medicine Man Certificate with the Navajo Nation Din4 Hataal7 Association.

My education background includes an Associates of Arts degree in Din4 Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Din4 College Tsaile, AZ. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Social Work degree with the University of Denver in Durango, Colo. As for my work history, it consists of working in the areas of mental health and psychology. This included working with the Department of Behavior Health Services for over six years and working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs schools as a Din4 traditional counselor for five years. I have taught Navajo language and culture in elementary, junior high, high school, and at a two-year college.