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VP of Consumer Affairs, Optum
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Sue Bergeson is a person with the lived experience of behavioral health. She is the national Vice President of Consumer and Family Affairs for Optum Consumer Solutions, the behavioral health arm of United Health Care, a large managed care company. Bergeson is responsible for developing behavioral health programs that help people living with mental illness and substance use disorders achieve long-term recovery and resiliency. She has brought peer support as a reimbursable service into Optum including facilitating the creation of Level of care guidelines, reimbursement guidelines, Statement of work, contracting guidelines, and credential guidelines. She has developed training programs to teach consumer run programs how to contract with managed care organizations to create sustainable funding. She has built a suite of activation and health literacy tools for consumer to use to support their wellness as well as tools to help peer coaches assess and provide the right self-care tools and resources at the right time.